Friday, February 10, 2006

Putin Rescues Iran, Now! Will Ship Them Missiles To Protect Nuclear Sites From American Aggression

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The White (or rather Red) Knight to the rescue! Putin, chess player and judo expert, picks up Iran. All our invasion plans going up in smoke as he promises them protection such as missiles to shoot down any invading aircraft, for example.

From the Wilderness:
Amid the escalating crisis around Iran's nuclear programme, Russia said on Thursday that it will still arm Tehran with missiles that can secure nuclear facilities from attacks.

"We concluded a contract for the supply of air-defence systems to Iran and there is no reason not to fulfil it," Mikhail Dmitriyev, the head of Russia's military-technical cooperation agency, said.

Worth an estimated $700 million, the deal for up to 30 Tor M-1 surface-to-air missiles is the largest since Russia in 2000 withdrew from an agreement with the US restricting the supply of military hardware to Iran.
As we desperately try to disarm all our potential victims, they search for protectors. Since America has decided to alienate Putin AND Hu and Wen simultaneously, well!

To the rescue they all ride.

When one wishes to go to war, one shouldn't imitate Hitler! That is a very bad idea. And even Hitler wasn't this dumb. He first got Russia to join him in invading Poland! See? Then, after dissecting Europe, Hitler decided to commit suicide and so he attacked...Russia! See a pattern here?

Depending on Europe who is very dependent on Russia for energy and other important raw materials is stupid since they cannot act at cross purposes to Russia. This is why, since we are stupidly expanding NATO, the Germans and French are trying to tie Russia into NATO. Then the troika won't need the USA anymore for running Europe...and the Middle East.

This game is rapidly unfolding, no sooner do I go off to read the international news when I see yet another chess piece move, they are no longer in a stalemate, the whole board is in play now and our king is outside the castle, the queen is in hock to the Red Bishop and we are surrounded by Kniggets!

This is going to be amusing. I wonder how it will end (nope).

Endgame: we surrender and begin the painful process of paying off our massive debts. Ouch. Sic Transit Gorgia.

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