Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Putin Sides With Hamas, Chides USA World Domination Efforts

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Putin holds multihour long press conference where he answers lots of questions and doesn't stutter, spout the wrong talking points, talk backwards or other oddities our poor emperor can't help but spew out after only 15 minutes.

From the Washington Post:
Russian President Vladimir Putin described the electoral victory of the radical Islamic group Hamas in the Palestinian elections as "a big blow to American efforts in the Middle East, a very serious blow," but he said Russia would not support any efforts to cut off financial assistance to the Palestinians.
Up until Putin took over the oil companies, America had Russia in a death grip, giving them only loans, forcing them to sell off all their resources, strangle the working classes, eliminate all social programs, etc, this is why Yeltsin was removed in a palace coup. He relentlessly took over all the things we privatized and several things happened: world energy prices shot up due to the Bush invasion of Iraq and the profits from all this are now flowing into the state aparatus run by Putin who is a communist at heart and has renewed the flow of financing into social programs which is extremely popular in Russia, I assure you.

Now, Russia and China are strengthening their alliance on every possible level in order to clip American wings. From Xinhua net:
Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed the cooperation between Russia and China on Tuesday as an important factor in strengthening international strategic stability and he said his country values the strategic partnership with China.

"Russia intends to further develop the strategic partnership with China based on previous accords," Putin told his annual press conference in the Kremlin, adding that Russia sees the same will from the Chinese side.
Mao and Stalin hated each other. Hu and Wen and Putin love each other. When the blunderbuss bubble boy, Bush, slapped Putin around, the Chinese came flying into Moscow to commiserate and conspire. Putin was on the point, last year, of refusing to see Bush at all but once the Chinese visited and explained the Long March Into Bankruptcy plan for America to him, he enthusiastically signed on.

One point was, to smile at stupid Condi and even stupider Bush while shaking their hands and then running off to laugh with each other at the dumb American duo.
Speaking on bilateral trade, he said the two countries set the goal of bringing trade volume to 20 billion U.S. dollars three years ago, but trade totaled 29 billion dollars last year.

"We are now planning to bring trade to 60 billion dollars by 2010," Putin said. "This is quite attainable."
Once the Chinese get all their other trade deals up and running and at the level they desire, they will then begin the relentless dumping of American debt onto world financing markets. America now makes a great deal of money on being money producers, ie, we are in the classic situation that Spain was in, 1600, cranking out the world's gold currency while going bankrupt fighting wars with all and sundry. They went bankrupt almost immediately.

Back to the Washington Post article:
(The press conference was) Held in the Kremlin Grand Palace's Round Hall, a vast throwback of a room with a gargantuan chandelier and marble walls, the televised news conference brought together foreign, national and provincial journalists for a marathon question-and-answer session. It lasted 3 hours 26 minutes, a new record for Putin.

Speaking without notes, the president showcased his command of myriad subjects, answering 64 questions. The news conference also provided rare glimpses into the lighter and saltier side of a man who in the West often appears to have the austere and glowering personality associated with his former career as a spy for the KGB.
Putin didn't ride into power on the back of rich financiers and daddy's buddies. This guy clawed his way to the top, the hard way. His IQ is greater than Bush and Condi's plus the family dogs and Laura, all put together. Well, a chicken run over by a truck is smarter than them.
Putin visibly bristled when questioned about some of his critics' statements that Russia is not fit to chair this year's meetings of the Group of Eight leading industrial nations because of the Kremlin's centralization of power.

"There are devoted Sovietologists who do not understand what is happening in our country, do not understand the changing world," Putin said. "They deserve a very brief response: 'To hell with you.' "
Um, aside from all the Trotskyists working for Bush especially in the State Department, this was aimed squarely at Condi "Expert About Soviet Union" Rice.

This monumentally stupid woman imagines she knows all about Russia. She can't speak the language very well or has had even a passing first hand knowledge about Russia, having never gone to school there, hung out with socialists even in America or anything. I, at least, have gone overseas to go to school and have had some commerce with real, live Russians (as well as very heavy interactions with the Communist Chinese which is why I know what they plan to do next!). The State Department has scrubbed itself of any and all people who might have a faint idea of what is going on and the crew of right wingers running it now have been totally defeated if their goal was to have great influence in Russia.

Now, they have none. Worse, Putin can openly slap Condi in the face in front of an international audience and he knows she won't understand anything he says. She is too full of herself. As is Bush.
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