Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rain of Terror---Bush's Popularity Collapses Here As Iraq Explodes

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even the dimmest witted Americans is now aware of what we antiwar bloggers have been predicting and expecting: a full blown civil war/insurrection in Iraq. Every day, our soldiers are blown up, Iraqis have been blown up, over 1,500 this last week alone, the whole place is in flames and this was due entirely to the "election" we cooked up there. Meanwhile, at home, Bush's popularity which always soared on violence, collapses as he frantically tries to make Homeland Security a joke.

From the Christian Science Monitor:
In the race to get ahead economically, America's young workers are falling behind.

A new survey shows that median incomes fell for householders under 45, even as they rose for older ones, between 2001 and 2004.

Income fell 8 percent, adjusted for inflation, for those under 35 and 9 percent for those aged 35 to 44. The numbers add new weight to longstanding concerns about whether younger generations of Americans will achieve living standards that are better - or at least equal to - those of their parents.
This is the New World Order. Even as the American military causes destabilization and destruction in Muslim oil countries, the relentless push to wipe out inflation caused by Greenspan and now Bernanke's printing money like crazed monkeys to the tune of nearly a trillion a year, the economic condition of the majority of the workingclass is rapidly deteriorating.

"Productivity" is up and up but that merely means "the ability of the elite grabbing profits from workers". They are rolling in dough, enjoying huge tax cuts aimed at their incomes only and they are the 10% core of Bush's support. 20% remaining support comes from people who hate gays and women's rights. This hellish coalition also wants endless wars because they both directly benefit from it: jobs in the "defense" industry or as soldiers. One reason why there are so few unhappy Gold Star Mothers and Wives is because they get a huge bounty if their loved ones die. This money makes them very happy so their tears dry up pretty quickly except for a handful like the brave Cindy Sheehan.

Her husband seems pretty happy about his son's death. He has a nice nest egg for his new wife and can start producing more sons, happy as a lark.

This is because economics often trumps feelings. There are still significant numbers of Americans, now less than 50%, who want war because they still feel it willl make oil cheap or they are employed within the military/police state apparatus. This is why, as Iraq blows up in our faces, they want more war. War=good times for them. This is why our military isn't revolting against the obvious incompetence and even open treason exhibited by our rulers.

The UAE/portals to America dust up is a fine example. The pets of the rulers, nearly all of them, are in full bellow this week trying to convince Americans who just woke up with a start, that selling our ports to the very same people who enabled the 9/11 attacks is a good thing and we are all racists for wanting to halt it. Even as their popularity ratings on TV fall, they continue to slog onwards because they must. The owners of the media are hip deep in the military/industrial complex and their side deals make a lot of money off of American fears.

The malfeasance of the GOP is now so great, even deluded red state voters are noticing. They barely approved of the destruction of the minority community of New Orleans but that meant letting a lot of whites fall off the cliff, too. Even this doesn't bother the rulers who really don't like virtually anyone. They wanted to see all the dirt poor home owners of the Gulf coast removed further inland so the rich can turn it into their playground and get it rebuilt every few years, newer and better, thanks to government subsidies because they will make these properties "businesses" with "jobs" that are the usual "servant" type jobs so beloved by Greenspan and Bernanke who make no differenciation between industrial manufacturing and service economies.

From the NYT:
Though the tensions were somewhat defused Sunday when the company agreed to a 45-day national security review, the problem continues to exact a steep political price from Mr. Bush, exposing divisions between the White House and Congressional Republicans in a critical election year and further weakening a president already reeling from a series of setbacks, from Hurricane Katrina to the war in Iraq.

"We've defended them on wiretaps, we've defended them on Iraq, we've defended them on so many things he's tried to accomplish, that to be left out here supporting this thing in a vacuum is kind of offensive," Representative Mark Foley, Republican of Florida, said Sunday in an interview after the company's agreement to the review was announced. He added, "If it's just about saving face and letting us humor ourselves, we won't be satisfied."
The Republican Congress has destroyed Congressional power in order to have "power". They made a deal with a devil who is death, Bush, and they wonder why he can't do the bare niceties of pretending to consult. Well, they, themselves, refused to put him or anyone under him, under oath when appearing before Congress or any investigative commission. They, themselves, cheered him wildly when he came up with the loopy "Axis of Evil" speech the second State of the Union Speech. Even when that axis was obviously demented, connecting dire enemies, Iran and Iraq into a coalition of terror? It was laughable then and there but instead of hitting him for this and wondering if he was insane, they cheered, jumping up and down.

Anyone pointing out the obvious was attacked not just by them but by the entire media. The media beat the drums of war for Bush and slimed anyone against the war. When "Farenheit 911" came out, the media refused to run ads for the movie, most of the reviews were full of lies and open hostility, when people noticed the famous tape of Bush smiling hugely and then reading merrily, "My Pet Goat" made the news thanks to the film, the owners of America had their Legions of Darkness bellow "Don't watch that movie, it is full of lies." So the vast majority of people, thanks to theater owners boycotting this film, never got to see it and when Moore offered it for free to the TV stations to run it, they united in refusing, utterly and totally. This black out of vital information is normal in our police state. To this day, not one TV station has shown the video of Bush reading that book, nor has anyone discussed it nor has Congress questioned Bush about it.

The recent shooting of a friend by Cheney has been washed over by hectoring men and women yelling, "It was an ACCIDENT!" at the top of their lungs. This methodology still works, yelling one's opinion by as many robotic similar people as possible. This is why propaganda works in most instances. Most humans want to get along, monkey see-monkey do. For example, our rulers don't want anyone to see or understand the bizarre relationship we have with Japan's economy so they yell constantly about the Chinese yuan and never ever mention the yen, not even in passing. So even smart people who are suspicious of Bush have fallen into the habit of talking only about the yuan even as the grave danger to our currency lurks in Tokyo.

Yelling can't hide the fact that Iraq is blowing up because the explosions are now too loud, too frequent, too destructinve. No more American hot shot TV personalities are going there to give upbeat reports only to be blown up. I will note here that the last corporate tool to do this is now medically brain dead vs fake brain dead. He is never mentioned, it is like 1984, he is simply dissappeared.

Indeed, our dead soldiers were dissappeared, too. By Bush fiat. When he made up the dorky rule that no one can photograph the coffins of our heroes (irritating casualties), the media didn't rise up in wrath, there weren't shouting faces on TV yelling about how disgraceful this was. Instead, dead silence. Only when someone leaked the pictures onto the internet and we bloggers carried it all over the world, did the media ask for some pictures and then showed a few but they peetered out to be replaced by pictures of happy Iraqis praising their new overlords.

There are no more pictures of happy Iraqis. Except for Sadr who I predicted, would incite and arrange terrorist attacks and who is in the process of a coup in Iraq. He is very happy. Indeed, the fact that we morphed him from "America's Most Wanted" into "America's Buddy" is all our own fault. We wanted troops to attack Sunnis and he provided them. The downgrading of the only Iraqi troops Bush claimed were reliable is a telling matter. No Iraqi military units are working for us. None. Zippo.

The civil war won't wash around our bases. It will and must directly attack us. This is because we are no longer siding with the Shi'a (Shiites), we are siding with nobody now. Except the UAE. They make tons of money off of us. They are buying up our ports. They hate us and use us and need to suck our carcass dry. And they give the Bushes bushels of money, hundreds and billions of dollars.

Arrest Bush. He is a traitor to America.

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