Monday, February 27, 2006

Russia And Iran Make A Nuclear Deal After China Makes Oil Deal

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Iran can't be attacked. They have a great deal with Russia so the causus bellus no longer is applicable for the USA to start WWIII. China and Russia have figured out that making allies without stationing troops all over the planet pays off handsomely. Meanwhile, the USA is patrolling the entire planet at our own cost without getting tribute from anyone, only loans which are sinking our economy under a massive burden of debts.

From Teheran Times:
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Director Gholamreza Aqazadeh said on Sunday that Iran and Russia have reached an agreement in principle for the creation of a joint uranium enrichment company.

Speaking to reporters in a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergei Kiriyenko after the two inspected the Bushehr nuclear power plant currently under construction by Russian help in this southern city, Aqazadeh said that nuclear negotiations on the Russian proposal would continue over the next few days in Moscow.

He noted that the two sides are satisfied over the process of talks, adding that comprehensive talks took place in Tehran both Saturday and Sunday on the proposal.
Translation: Teheran now has a very powerful Godfather who happens to also be in the oil selling business and who is increasingly hostile to the American empire which has stupidly and willfully established military bases in former Soviet states and Warsaw pact states despite Russian warnings to lay off. So of course, Russia is very rapidly forming new alliances with all and sundry who stand against this ever encroaching empire.

Our psychotic need to control all points of the compass using troops and military attacks has gotten so far out of control we lost sight of why we are doing all of this. One of comments here on the blog by one of the wonderful readers about how their own country has "let" the USA establish a military control over their once sovereign lands reminds me about how empires destroy all sense of patriotism and sense of sovereignty not only in subject lands, and if we have military ruling over your country, you have NO sovereignty!---and how this destroys the same at home at the imperial center which leads to patriotic decay and even outright treason on the part of the imperialists who will go so far as to deliberately cause, prod or conspire to have their home base attacked so they can have further excuses for imperial domination of distant lands.

Like 9/11.

The reason America rebelled against England's domination was because they were taxed while not being allowed to vote on the taxes. Also, restrictions on slave trade were just beginning to be implimented, not to mention trade in general, America was not allowed to make or export industrial products like glass or pottery or iron works, for example. Only raw materials.

China demanded trade be done with gold which is why England set out to militarily dominate China.

Unlike the British Empire which made economic sense, for a while, for Britain, America not only doesn't tax our 100 provinces like England or Australia or Germany or even Japan. Japan does pay for the military presence but only a pittance compared to the true cost of sustaining and building and training these forces.

Japan has done a very neat trick: they "pay" us by selling us money at a nice interest rate that is higher than the rate they pay themselves which is near zero percent at home and for the USA, 4.5% and climbing. Meanwhile, to hide this every expensive military empire that costs over half a trillion dollars a year and is totally incompetent at defending Americans as we witnessed during last year's hurricane season when the National Guard was totally missing and if flown home, had no vehicles in which they could save anyone, our missing military is hidden from the average American's pocketbook via these Japanese loans.

But it is now so big, we just took up a host of former Soviet states who demand we pay them to occupy their countries! On top of that, Egypt and Israel demand an arm and a leg, too, haughtily sniffing they will be rowdy and start wars if we don't pay both tribute! 2,000 years ago, Rome took tribute from Egypt, not the other way around.

Because our province of Japan, rich and in command of our entire economy, pays zero taxes and only a pittance for our military, cannot fund the grossly oversized empire for us even in the form of loans, America's rulers have brazenly gone to a country that has ZERO American troops on their soil, no intention of ever letting any American troops on their soil, indeed, is quite hostile to America's imperial dream, we go to Communist China for loans to pay for our trade deficit with Japan and our out sized military!

To fund these loans, we had to open our ports to China who flooded them with goods. Very rapidly, nearly all American industry melted away under the onslaught. No one in China pays taxes to America, either. Instead, all other countries desiring to keep their autonomy and sovereignty are forming strong alliances with China that don't involve Chinese imperial troops. These are classic alliances, not craven surrender like England or Australia. Germany and Japan surrendered literally after WWII and both have cleverly undermined the victors to the point that both dominate America in all ways but a very few point which are rapidly dwindling. England and Australia surrendered slowly, using the Soviet Union as an excuse, pretending we were at war during peace time.

Even so, when America rushed into the former French colony of Vietnam, the Brits held back, claiming sovereignty. Australia, a closer province, joined in only to be slapped around by the American imperial propaganda machine that had to create the impression that America was the sole defender of freedom in order to con Americans into dying for the old French empire.

When we went into our latest round of imperial prancing, we had to twist many arms to do it, making business deals with our provinces that involved us paying them tribute which was a cute trick, I admit. This extravagant deal making is rapidly bankrupting America to the tune of $700 billion+ the $500 billion military spending which means we are going into the red to the tune of nearly a trillion a year.

So we get the appearance of imperial unity, using Britain as our Nepal, remember, the Nepalese were imperial troops sent all over the place as the empire was expiring. Anyway, we bribed Blair into doing this scheme by offering him a seat at Carlyle's table.

We just learned this week that Carlyle got $100 million to "invest" from the UAE the same week the UAE "gave" to the empire $100 million as a very secret gift to pay for the hurricane only there is no proof of this except for a cable transfering funds and the fact that both transactions are for exactly the same amount means places we want to have as part of our empire are openly bribing our rulers to do what they want which is to dominate America which is dying thanks to the very high cost of running this stupid empire that taxes not a single province.

No empire has tried this in the past. All worked hard at tax collecting far from home to keep the native populations quiet. When the home base was taxed to run the empire, it collapses. Witness England, for example. Up until WWI, the English were happy with their empire because it expanded lopsided trade and taxes were paid by peasants in China and India, not England.

Then the war forced taxes on England and all was not so merry. One solution the Brits used was to extend their dying empire. This is why they invaded the Middle East and tried to annex Iraq. This was another drain on the Treasury. The British couldn't buy things extravagantly anymore and trade fell apart and the world went into the Great Depression because the same fate fell upon the other two empires who fought WWI, Germany and France.

Germany tries to change this by conquering Europe and taxing them to pay for Germany's empire. This fell apart spectacularily. Especially since it involved murdering milllions of Europeans in order to run the German tax empire.

America got away with not taxing their provinces for 25 years simply because all of Europe and Asia lost their industrial base when everything was bombed during WWII. So we were the only ones and thus, didnt' need to tax the impoverished former empires of Europe and Asia.

Today, this is obviously not true. Yet we keep running our deficit ridden empire as if we don't need taxes from anyone including the American populace. Thus the gigantic deficits.

China and Russia repudiated debts several times in the past, a necessary action for any empire. They rebuilt themselves after millions of deaths from starvation and privation and are now growing strong again. When they sign treaties and contracts, they are very cautious about taking on military extentions. They want trade and influence, not military drains.

Because of this caution, they are succeeding at growing in power even as America sinks under increasing loads, losing our grip on everything even as we grab at everything. Iran, in forming an alliance with these rivals, is now too strong for Europe or America to attack. This doesn't mean there will be no war.

For the Israelis will attack. They need war and since they tax America for their support, not the other way around, they can haul us into war, having powerful allies running many aspects of our government. If they decide, unilaterally, to bomb Iran, this can start WWIII because America is too bankrupt to force a diplomatic solution upon Israel.

The fact that our rulers have contrary-wise alliances, most of which are top secret, with Israel's nominal enemies, is a real problem. For one of the classic explanations of why WWI happened so rapidly was "secret alliances and treaties with many parties" business. Namely, when the first bullet was shot, everyone had to rapidly decide which secret backstabbing treaty they wanted to enforce or reveal. It was an interesting diplomatic trainwreck that killed millions of people.

Do we want this?
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