Sunday, February 19, 2006

Smirking For Dummies: Learning To Read Their Lips

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Smirking is how we human chimps show we are very pleased with ourselves while lying or faking something. The GOP is filled to the gills with smirking chimps, Bush isn't alone. Of course, Cheney is the fang baring gorilla in this group. He doesn't fake anything being an open murderous psychopath. Ditto the Skeletor twins, Chertoff and Rumsfeld.

From the Washington Post:
The rush to revise ethics laws in the wake of the Jack Abramoff political corruption scandal has turned into more of a saunter.
I remember when the Washington Post and New York Times and all the other major media, TV stations, radio stations, obessed with Gore's facial expressions, his clothing, his voice pitch. They tore apart everything he said, he was ripped literally to shreds.

With the GOP, suddenly we are not supposed to notice sound systems attached to Bush's back or his incessant blubbering, stuttering, strange pacing of words, stranger use of words, his inability to even communicate simple thoughts, nor the weird way he dresses when he is drunk or when he drops his dog on the ground in front of children and then laughs, or Cheney shooting people or wearing ridiculous clothes at a memorial ceremony. We aren't supposed to interpet obvious simian signs that the people we are listening to are out to cheat us.

But today's photo illustrates again how this works. Hastert and Boehner, the GOP leaders of the House, pretending they are at odds over lobby reforms but if you look at their faces, they are smirking which means, in plain English, they are in collusion to appear as if they want reform but can't because they disagree. This fiction is being staged so when they deep six yet another scandal, they can pretend they tried and tried but failed.

Any mother can see how this works, little children do this all the time. "I didn't break the cookie jar, did I, Jimmy?" Smirk.

Well, if Americans are so stupid they can't read faces anymore then they deserve the destruction that is roaring down on us. Here is an example of invisible smirking. From the Washington Post:
Broder: Back when the late John Mitchell was attorney general in the Nixon administration, he advised reporters, "Watch what we do, not what we say."

That advice certainly applies to the Bush administration as well. The latest bit of evidence to come to my attention is what you might think of as the Case of the Disappearing Trillion.
This is the core of smirking. To say one thing while doing the opposite. Nixon couldn't help but boast about his bamboozles. Bush is too stupid to boast but sometimes he lets slip what is on his mind like when he talked about how easy it would be, ruling as a dictator, hehehe.

In Broder's must read editorial, he talks about how Hastert, Bush and Frist are conspiring to warp the budget office to hide the fact they are extending the "temporary" tax cuts, making them permament even as they claim, in public, they are not going to do this (until after the next fake election!)
In fact, this analysis says, "The administration's proposal, by changing the rules after the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts were enacted but before they are extended, would ensure that the cost of continuing the tax cuts in the years after the current sunset dates would never be counted. The costs in those years were not counted when the tax cuts were first enacted. . . . Now, the administration is proposing that the tax cuts for those years also be ignored when the tax cuts are extended. To fail ever to count the cost of the tax cuts in the years after the sunset dates . . . would represent one of the largest and most flagrant budget gimmicks in recent memory."
Time for multilevel smirking!

TV news reporters have to struggle to confine the tendency to smirk. It occasionally peeks through. I remember in 2000, when they were trying to throw the election to Bush, all the TV honchos were smirking furiously and watching those smirks get erased when Gore refused to concede was amusing to watch in a horrible way. I knew we were doomed because these smirks became snarls directed at us, the voters, and Al Gore.

In Broder's article, he talks about how the President's budget people kept pointing out to him how they had all the hidden information as footnotes deep in the document on page 350, for example, in very fine print (probably light grey like they do on many credit card documents).

Swindlers work with mirrors, practicing keeping a straight face and one of the faces they don't want their victims to see is the infamous smirk. So why do Americans just sit there when they are seeing all the Republicans smirking in unison?

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