Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Taiwan's President Ends Reunification Council--China Broils With Fury

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

OK, this is what happens when one lets money men run our foreign policy. They sell us down the river and we lose all influence over other nations because we are in debt to nearly everyone now. So Taiwan can punch China in the eye and then shove us into China's face. China, a major source of funds for our dicator, is now shoving Bush back into Taiwan's lap. Meanwhile, the Japanese kick us in the shins while shoving us into China's face, too, while tripping over both Koreas which are striking back at Japan, if the Middle East isn't enough fun for us, welcome to the Far East, land of scrutible and inscrutible screw ups.

From Xinhua Net:
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday slashed the decision of Taiwan authorities to cease the function of "National Unification Council" and the application of its guidelines, saying it is a "dangerous step" toward "Taiwan Independence."

Hu made the remarks while meeting with visiting Swiss Defence Minister Samuel Schmid here Tuesday afternoon.

Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian announced Monday that the "National Unification Council" shall "cease to function" and the "National Unification Guidelines" shall "cease to apply."
The smooth diplomacy machine of China pauses hardly a split second to show its open rage here. This is a top priority item with the Chinese. They aren't going to take this sitting down.

Already, the USA has tried to placate the Chinese without doing anything useful since Bush has very tangled personal financial affairs with Taiwan just like he is owned by the UAE. Asians always struggle with the concept of bribes but even in the old religions of China, one burns fake paper money at funerals to bribe the guardians at the gates of Heaven so this isn't exactly a new business over there.

The Bush clan has many business dealings with the Communist Chinese, too, for they understood well that all American Presidents are for sale. All foreign powers know that our government services the highest bidders who are, increasingly, not Americans. Since we are totally incapable of cleaning up our election systems, this is only going to get much worse. The Chinese politburo have announced they are cleaning up all the bribe takers in their government and already a host of party members have been arrested along with many intellectuals or dissidents. Obviously, everyone is preparing for a conflict and of course, America sleepwalks into all this.

From Taiwan News:
In a display of anger against President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) official announcement that the National Unification Council will cease to be operational, the pan-blue alliance of the Kuomintang and the People First Party has launched a presidential recall campaign.
Throwing his weight behind the proposal, KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) last night formally ordered the KMT to back the recall motion.

In response to Ma's decision, Presidential spokesman Chen Wen-tsung stated that, "It would be difficult for people to imagine the opposition party involved in an active recall campaign."

Opposition parties will also demanded that Premier Su Tseng-chang and high-ranking officials issue a report on the president's decision to legislators.
Already, the rapport built up since the surprise visit last fall are paying off. The Kuomintang and the Communists are united in wanting a united China and this is a classic byzantine relationship that I can't penetrate too well. But it suffices to say, Taiwan is very divided today and many are wondering why their President chose this moment to poke China's eye.

Let's pray Condi doesn't get involved. Her monumental stupidity can only make things worse.

Industrialists in Taiwan have expanded into China to the tune of over $100 billion dollars. They don't want to see that go up in smoke. In a confrontation with China, only Taiwan can back down. If they think America will risk WWIII over this matter, they are nuts only America's dicator is as insane as Hitler so I wouldn't put it past him. Our military already let China know they consider that nation our number one enemy.

Meanwhile, Japan's Koizumi pokes China in the eye, too, over and over again. In order to entwine America thoroughly within Japan's embrace, we are relocating our military throughout the main islands. But this is not popular at all with the Japanese people. From Asahi:

It will be the first municipal referendum on issues concerning U.S. military realignment in Japan, and the outcome could affect negotiations between Japan and the United States, analysts said.

A final report by the two countries is scheduled to be compiled by the end of March.

Based on the results of the survey conducted by telephone on Feb. 25 and 26, in which 1,020 randomly chosen Iwajuni voters gave valid answers, the two governments have failed to win local support for the aircraft transfer.

The survey showed 71 percent were against the plan, while only 11 percent approved the relocation.According to the survey, 67 percent of voters plan to cast ballots in the referendum, and 77 percent said the central government should honor the results.
As usual, we will ram this down their throats because nothing enrages our dictator more than any population refusing to obey his fiats. We wonder why we are so unpopular yet we iincrease this unpopularity by using mostly our military for diplomacy. Stationing troops in Japan and Germany has been nothing but madness for many years now. This is a provocation which gets increasingly grave as time passes.

Condi is supposed to be a Russian expert but she is a fake. She personally shoved Putin into China's lap and now wonders why Putin hates us and is kissy kissy with the Chinese. So instead of China being flanked by hostile borders in the rear, China has a dear friend now as China turns and faces down the USA over the Taiwan issue.

From Asahi:
But just when it was beginning to look as though the agency's (Defense) dream would come true, the tide turned. With a breach of trust scandal of eight years ago still fresh in public memory, high-placed Defense Facilities Administration Agency officials and others are now suspected of collusion in bid-rigging.

Other agencies, such as the Forestry Agency and the Financial Services Agency, have each gone their own way. The Environment Agency became a ministry five years ago. In contrast, the scandal-ridden Social Insurance Agency is to be downsized and demoted to a pension organization called the Nenkin Jigyo Kiko (insurance program organization).

The Defense Agency may trace its "lineage" all the way back to the imperial court at Nara, but unless it stops its systemic malfeasance and bid-rigging, the public is hardly likely to support its elevation to ministry status. Given the present mess, we would not be surprised to see it renamed a lowly Boei Jigyo Kiko (defense program organization).
This convoluted article is about how the name of an agency reflects its status and the Japanese just degraded their own Defence Dept. to a lower status. Like when Bush removed FEMA down a step leading to its collapse.

The Japanese have no serious plans to defend themselves, their sole plan is to use us. Indeed, this is the plan of all the Asian "allies" which is extremely dangerous since this means we are the cat's paw for a dozen groups who hate each other and often, hate us, too. We enjoy very little status with any of them. How can they respect us?

No one respects beggars.

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