Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tornadoes in Midwinter Devastate New Orleans

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once again, we are getting rain here in the upper reaches of the northern tier of America while in the south, they get tornadoes yet again. Next summer will be a doozy at this rate. Today, New Orleans was slammed by tornadoes. And Bush is dragging his heels about doing anything there and of course, Chertoff of "Homeland Security" is no where to be seen.

From Associated Press:
Tornadoes tore through New Orleans neighborhoods Thursday that had been hit hard by Hurricane Katrina just five months earlier, collapsing at least one previously damaged house and battering the airport, authorities said.

Roofs were ripped off, utility poles came down and a radio tower fell near a major thoroughfare, but no serious injuries were reported.

"Don't ever ask the question, `What else could happen?'" said Marcia Paul Leone, a mortgage banker who was surveying the new damage to her Katrina-flooded home.
This isn't merely the caprice of the goddess. This is exactly what global warming is all about: very energetic weather systems making everything very lopsided. Faster winds, bigger storms, hotter droughts, humanity has been through climatic turmoil more than once, indeed, our super-big brains evolved on the anvil of vast weather upsets. The hammer is death.

It is most peculiar a contridiction that as we struggle to erect bigger and bigger bubbles to cut ourselves off from the enviornment, the very existence of this bubble building is destroying nature and degrading the planetary system of checks and balances leading to climatic disasters.

From the BBC:
The BBC's Horizon programme has spoken to the scientists who are now confronting the real possibility that New Orleans may be the first of many cities worldwide to face extinction.
Um, yes. Looks like Mother Nature plans to scour the place. Maybe the sun will quiet down or the ANSO water flow in the Atlantic will flip and cool things down again for a few years. But even if that happens, if the ice sheet of the Antarctic detaches from the landmass, this will cause the oceans to heave upwards very rapidly. The English are aware that London is very vulnerable, for example.

All major cities cause subsidence if they are on rivers or at the edge of the sea. Ancient cities built themselves higher and higher due to war and frequent fires, etc. But with modern tools for removal of debrie and fire prevention, this process has been thwarted.
At the earliest opportunity after Katrina had passed, Shea Penland chartered a seaplane to investigate the overnight loss to Louisiana's precious wetlands.

What he discovered sounded like the death knoll for the city. In just one night, Louisiana had lost 3,885 hectares (15 sq miles) of wetlands, three quarters of its annual loss in 24 hours.
The only way to replentish this lost soil is for the Mississippi to regularily overflow its banks, an event that ends New Orleans just as certainly as hurricanes.

There is a lot of wishful thinking about New Orleans. It is clear already, the corrupt, criminal organization of the Bush administration has no interest in New Orleans since they can't get their paws on most of the money so they are reacting with increasing indifference to the fate of the city.
The future of this sinking city is further compounded by the effects of global warming; rising sea-levels and an increased intensity of hurricanes.

"New Orleans' future is very hard to predict," says Van Heerden.

"The big unknown is global warming. If sea level rises come up by another metre in the next 50 to 60 years, if we see far more of these major hurricanes we could well reach a point where we see we need to abandon these cities like New Orleans."
There is no money for other, more fruitful ventures so rebuilding this obviously doomed city won't happen and if it does, it merely will hasten the day America collapses totally.

So far, we know that the oceans are going to rise. We know they will get warmer. This week, in Texas, on the ocean, it was over 90 degrees F and this was on the first day of February? In California to Alaska, fishes and birds are dying in huge numbers, whales are starving to death because the Pacific Ocean is getting too warm to support plankton life forms and the upwelling of cold water is being prevented by warm waters which incidentally hatch some truly terrifying storms.

The Gulf bathtub has barely cooled off this winter and when the sun glares down upon it soon enough, things will become very active indeed. What if we have six catagory five hurricanes battering our oil rigs, our cities this year? Can we afford this and afford the projected $100,000,000,000 for the failed war in Iraq? Isn't this all the definition of insanity? They talked about spending $250,000,000,000 rebuilding the South last fall and now the number is down to only $25,000,000,000 and we still don't have the cash at hand?

What is going on?

Looks like our bankers are not forking over the cash so fast anymore, are they? After all, Japan, Korea and China were all hammered by nearly equally bad typhoons last fall, not that America noticed, and they are girding themselves for a repeat this coming summer.

This is what bankruptcy looks like: everyone gets to fend for themselves which is why all the rich are assembling as much loot as possible so they can jump ship entirely only they forgot something important.

They are at Mother Nature's mercy, too.
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