Saturday, February 25, 2006

The UAE Sheiks Gave Bush Sr. $1 Million Gift In 1995

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It never ends, does it? Even as the pundits across America got the message and are now in full bellow screaming at us that the UAE Sheiks are our very best friends and we are racists for doubting this and it is a small matter, selling off our ports to the highest nonAmerican bidders, we find out these same critters secretly gave Bush a million dollars, no names attached which means Bush Sr. actively conspired with them to hide their nasty bribes.

From Associated Press:
The United Arab Emirates has long-standing ties to the Bush family. Records show the UAE and one of its sheikhs contributed at least $1 million before 1995 to the Bush Library Foundation, which established the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas. The executive chairman of Dubai Ports World, Ahmed bin Sulayem, is not listed among donors.
They have long standing ties with the Bushes? Well, ditto in spades with the bin Ladens! So, the UAE royals hung out with bin Laden in Afghanistan to go bustard hunting (without Cheney, they aren't suicidal!) and then the USA is attacked by bin Laden and all these people are very friendly with the Bush family and exchange huge sums of money with them and make cozy super secret business deals, no wonder Bush W sat there and smiled as he read "My Pet Goat"!

Someday we might even know how much the UAE paid him to sit there.
The U.S. government the money it received from the United Arab Emirates was nearly four times as much as it received from all other countries combined. Other nations, including some in the Middle East, also pledged large contributions but have not yet sent the money.

The money from the UAE was previously described by the State Department only as a "very large" contribution. The White House said so far it has received $126 million in international donations, including the UAE money.

Robert Kimmitt, deputy secretary at the Treasury Department, told senators Thursday that Dubai Ports World first approached U.S. officials Oct. 17 to discuss a proposed purchase of London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., which runs significant operations at six large U.S. ports.

Kimmitt said the company informally approached Treasury officials to discuss preliminary stages of the purchase. A formal review of the proposed sale started on Dec. 16, Kimmitt told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The United Arab Emirates sent its $100 million Katrina donation on Sept. 21 using an electronic transfer to an account at the State Department, the White House said. Two-thirds of the money was given to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help coordinate aid to 100,000 families. The rest was sent to the Education Department to help rebuild storm-damaged schools and universities near New Orleans.
OK, since when has the State Department been in charge of financing? Aside from the total stupidity of us begging for alms after storms, serioiusly, we are supposed to be the "richest country on earth" and we absorb 80% of all world financing, don't we? And we needed alms? How do we know this money was distributed properly? After all, it was all super secret!

And of course, the sly foreign royals (what WAS that revolution about, anyway, George Washington?) said nothing and the sly Bushes said nothing but then they suddenly had a fine tit for tat and lo, the super secret, silent deal was made to hand over our ports!

So we lose New Orleans and in return for alms, give away the Port of New York? Huh? The Presidential libraries are all just so much corruption, I remember the right wingers screaming about funds flowing into the Clinton Library and now these same clowns are silent about the latest revelations about the Bush corruption. When Jr had to get bailed out of one of his losing oil drilling ventures, he was rescued by a foreign entity which, to this day, remains unnamed but you can bet this individual has been on close speaking terms with bin Laden!

So, when Bush was told, "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In the USA" he probably checked the bank account and then laughed when someone suggested he short the United Airlines and American Airlines stock, too. I don't know but at this point, it wouldn't surprise me, after all, 9/11 was, for Bush, "winning the Trifecta".

Ie, it made him a lot richer.

MORE NEWS: According to
Consider the Carlyle Group, the huge, politically wired private equity firm that has employed both the president and his father -- and from which the members of the Bush family and their closest associates, such as former Secretary of State James Baker III, have profited handsomely in recent years. With its sole Middle East office headquartered in Dubai, Carlyle has managed to attract substantial funding from the UAE government, which controls most of the tiny nation's oil wealth and channels that money into foreign investments.

Last year, to cite only the most recent example, Carlyle's newest buyout fund won an infusion of at least $100 million from the Dubai Investment Corp. -- another state-owned outfit created by the ruling families to reinvest the enormous inflows of capital from rising oil prices and oil consumption. If that individual deal with Carlyle represented only a small fraction of the Emirates' investments, the upside potential of the relationship could be far greater in the future. The directors of Dubai Investment expect to invest as much as $5 billion every year for a long time to come.
Did they throw around $200 million last fall? Or is this the same $100 million? It wouldn't surprise me if this sum which is odd since it is the same amount and in the same timeframe, was juggled in and out of the vast sums Congress voted for hurricane aid.

Right now, the right wing is in full swing screaming we are racists for wondering about graft and terrorism. Traitors, one and all.
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