Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why Does The Military Fly Giant Aircraft Very Close To My Roof?

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It just happened again! I live on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, on no known flight path for normal people. When Atta hijacked the jet in Boston, he flew over my house and I noticed it. Today, a giant C130 buzzed my roof, the horse and dogs went wild, we ran outside. It was flying below the tops of the mountains. We had bigger craft buzz us in the past.

From Aviation Zone:
During the 1950s the versatile Lockheed C-130 Hercules was originally designed as an assault transport but was adapted for a variety of missions, including: special operations (low-level and attack), close air support and air interdiction, mid-air space capsule recovery, search and rescue (SAR), aerial refueling of helicopters, weather mapping and reconnaissance, electronic surveillance, fire fighting, aerial spraying, Arctic/Antarctic ice resupply and natural disaster relief missions.
This is what flew over today. There are no missions in my general area, no riots or earthquakes or anything. We had nothing huge flying over us for quite a while and suddenly, at all odd hours, we get flights roaring overhead, often at night.

This isn't the biggest planes to go over. We do get jet fighters tearing down the stream valley below my house. It is odd, seeing them from above. They sometimes cartwheel over the opposite mountain and head straight for my front deck. Our mountains are perfect for practicing difficult terrain warfare but I am nervous about them playing hotdog around my home, I happen to live here and this disturbs my horse and in the past, the oxen. Luckily, this didn't happen while I was handling the big boys.

A fighter jet plowed into the neighborhood I used to live in, near the University of Arizona. We were always nervous about the possibility of this happening and then it happened. Anyone living in the flight path of an airport has to worry about this.

But now, I live way out in nowhereland.

The most nerve wracking incident in our village was back in 1999. I was working on the roof of my house, putting on the last sheets of plywood, when I looked to the west and saw, below the treeline, what looked like a great whale. It was the biggest jet in existence. A Galaxy C-5.
The C-5 Galaxy is a heavy-cargo transport designed to provide strategic airlift for deployment and supply of combat and support forces. The C-5 can carry unusually large and heavy cargo for intercontinental ranges at jet speeds. The plane can take off and land in relatively short distances and taxi on substandard surfaces during emergency operations. The C-5 and the smaller C-141B Starlifter are strategic airlift partners. Together they carry fully equipped, combat-ready troops to any area in the world on short notice and provide full field support necessary to maintain a fighting force.
This monster is what carries the Space Shuttle around! It was flying below me!

Not only that, it was flying extremely slowly and it is a jet. I thought it was going to crash into Berlin and kill all of us so I slithered off the roof and behind the house and threw myself on the ground. Engines whining, it lumbered past my mountain and barely clearing the chimney at Seagroat Roses, everyone in the village ran outside and then ran in all directions. It then flew down Rt. 22 and the firechief here called the towns further south to warn them, suddenly, it gunned its engine and took off like a bat out of hell, over the Rensselaer plateau and was gone.

Our village demanded an explanation which we didn't get. The unmarked jet puzzled us. According to reporters, it didn't go to Albany Airport but this is where we, on our mountain, saw it fly for we had our binoculars out at this point. The government decided to ignore all questions.

Usually, before military actions, the number of flights using the mountains here for practice, shoot up. This is why I pay attention. For our government is denying they are sabre rattling yet the rattling here is so loud, it is drowning out all other sounds. Ouch.

This is also why I find this news pretty bizarre. From Reuters;
China rejected on Tuesday a Pentagon report that singled out Beijing as the major power most likely to challenge Washington's military supremacy and said it posed no threat to the outside world.
You see, the world's biggest military empire is pissed that anyone is building a military. Isn't that a hoot?
"The pace and scope of China's military build-up already puts regional military balances at risk," it said.

China has been mired in diplomatic rows over history, territorial disputes and resources with Japan -- its neighbor and Washington's major ally in the region. Mistrust between the two countries runs high.
China? How about every country that suffered from Japanese imperialist aggresions? Eh? This paragraph steams me because it "innocently" tries to pretend it is China that is "mired" and not Japan! Japan, using the USA military as its slave imperial forces, is waving a katana at China and sneering at them, daring them to fight back.

And we wonder why the Chinese feel the need to arm?
The United States and Japan have complained about the secrecy of China's military spending, which was officially about $30 billion in 2005, a 12.6 percent rise on the previous year.

Many foreign experts believe the real figure could be significantly higher.
Hahaha. OK, let the USA reveal, not just to the Chinese, but to the American people, exactly how much we are spending on culvert actions, the CIA, the NSA, etc. Our secret super-imperial armies that are going to keep the Muslims in a death grip. Cough it up, dudes.

But we won't. Even as the Pentagon says they will go more and more culvert, hiding more and more, heck, show the world how much we are spending on nuclear arms! The most aggressive, vicious military dictatorship on earth wants to yap about nuclear bombs?

Meet a mirror, America!
"China has not been a threat to any other country in the past. It is not one and will not be one in the future," he said.

"We hope the U.S side can correct its mistakes and view China's peaceful development with an objective and positive attitude."
Well, we aren't the only people who know how to smirk.
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