Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wouldn't Surprise Me To Learn Bush, Cheney And All Of Them Can't Swear On Bible Because They Worship Satan

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The 9/11 Commission couldn't get Bush, Cheney nor Rice to swear on a Bible they weren't lying, the oil company executives couldn't swear on any Holy Scriptures, now Gonzales couldn't do this, either. Their fear and loathing about doing this makes me wonder if they are scared of garlic and crucifixes, too. Anyway, they are obviously lying, all of them, which is why they can't talk, under oath. Only Galloway of England has to do this, it seems.

From Buzzflash:
The grand showdown between the Dems upset at Bush's illegal wiretapping fizzled out as soon as Arlen Specter -- the two-faced Bush go-fer of the GOP -- not only ruled that Gonzales didn't have to testify under oath, he pretended -- as scripted -- to prohibit the Attorney General of the United States from doing what most Americans are required to do in a Court of Law or before Congress (unless they are from the White House or CEOs of big oil companies).

It was at that point, once again, that the Democrats became merely bit players in a script once again written by the White House. For many years, and most recently in several editorials, BuzzFlash has lamented that the Dems don't understand that these hearings are soap operas -- and that the Bush/Rovian propaganda staff writes very effective soap opera scripts.

In this case, the goal of the soap opera was to allow Gonzales not to testify under oath, so that he wouldn't be likely to be charged with perjury. After that point, everything else just became a big muddle. And, the White House knows, in a situation like this, they win if the hearing turns out to be inconclusive and stalemated.
I agree with this entire editorial and I have been begging the Democrats to walk out for a long, long time. Namely, when they had the Senate endorse the selection of Bush!

But no one walked out. Gore, himself, endorsed the theft of his own office. He was promised they would all love him, the entire satanic choir would cease their catawallering and start being civil. Instead, the were only just starting. The wailing and shrieking, they being demonically obsessed, increased to the point now that the whole planet reverberates with their endless chorus of malice.

9/11 has got to be the bizarrest attack in American history since the FAA knew from within a mere 15 minutes of the first plane taking off from Boston, that is was hijacked. Note that at no point did any fighter jet go snooping around. All the hijacked jets flew, unimpeded and unremarked in the heaviest travelled corridores in America. Surrounded by military airbases, they flew merrily past all of them including Virginia which bristles with miltiary aircraft. Not one plane was tracked. To unravel this mystery and to ask Bush why he smiled and then merrily read, "My Pet Goat" which Bush probably thought was all about Satan's favorite childhood friend, you know, the goats go on the left and sheep on the right and all that stuff in the Bible, well, Bush wasn't alarmed at all, was he?

So many questions about that day, and the testimony wasn't merely off the record, there is no record of it! It is all top secret! And not under oath! Nor was Condi's public garbage, she should be in prison for perjury if not mass murder!

But we don't want to rock the boat, do we? After all, it is only listing way to the right and soon will sink!

Gonzales was all fake. The story line the satanists are pushing now is that the illegal spying wasn't merely saving America from all those journalists, bloggers and Quaker grannies, the spying was legal because they wanted to legalize it without passing any laws because if bin Laden learns of the law, he will figure out how to prevent us from spying on him?

Laugh to death!

He is laughing hard this week. I will note, the raging fires spreading across all Islamic nations was fed by us, our threats for more wars, more murders, our determination to fight this "war on terror" by burning the Constitution, killing off the Senate's powers and destroying the American economy, this is all so annoying.

I hope bin Laden laughs to death so at least all of this has some point.
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