Wednesday, March 01, 2006

As I Predicted, The Attack On Shrine In Iraq Was Inside Job

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The fact that the guards of the blown up shrine weren't killed, first, was a clue to who did this crime. Like the Sherlock Holmes story about the stolen racehorse, the dog didn't bark which meant it was an inside job. Ditto this crime.

Reuters UK:
Iraq's national security adviser said on Tuesday four guards protecting the Shi'ite shrine bombed last week were being held as suspects in the attack that pushed the country to the brink of civil war.

"We have two strong leads of their involvement but I don't like to discuss them because it will jeopardise the investigation," Mowaffaq al-Rubaie told Reuters, adding six other people had been arrested over the dawn blast, blamed on al Qaeda militants seeking to sow sectarian violence in Iraq.

Minister of State for National Security Abdul Karim al-Enazy said questions remained over why the assailants, who spent long hours planting the bomb, did not kill any of the eight guards, who were found tied up but unharmed.
Sadr, anyone?

In this article I wrote the same hour as the explosions, I hit the nail on the head.
OK, this explosion happened when the temple was empty. Previous Sunni/Shi'a explosions have happened, using suicide lunatics, during festivals and worship. This one was a sunrise raid. Samarra isn't exactly an open city for any Sunni to enter much less a group of armed men carrying what had to be a very big load of TNT. This bomb blew up a very massive building.
Seems I wasn't the only one to notice this.

Here is my following analysis:
The earliest stories think Sunnis wearing fake uniforms did this but what if the uniforms were what Sadr's guys were wearing? They are the ones who had easy access to these garments and they knew the code words and they had handcuffs, etc. *snip* The Sunni didn't want to end the talks. The American rulers wanted the talks to continue so the Sunni could get some political power. So the list of who wanted these talks to end quickly are very short. At the top of the list is Sadr.
This is time for me to preen my feathers at tad.

Heh. So many people elsewhere mock my analysis of events but when push comes to shove, I remain standing while others fall.

Here is another prediction: arresting Sadr is just as impossible as earlier. He is surrounded by armed troops who will turn his arrest into a blood bath from hell. Already, the fires he lit are merrily burning and won't stop so easily. If we move in our troops to take him, the tattered remains of the British army stuck deep in Shia (Shiite) territory will be killed. Bang. Like that.

This could easily spill into Iranian hands, you know.

The Brits were given the southern corridor because it was supposedly safe. Already, the Brits are under heavy fire and can't leave their strongholds easily because they are being blown up at the same rate as the Americans. And the last division of our Iraqi Qusiling Troops has disinitgrated because Sadr has called in his men who are sworn to slit our throats.


We can bomb all of Iraq to hell and this won't save us. Like Russia burning down Afghanistan and Chechnya, it won't work. Note that Russia has terrible problems with terrorism deep within their own territories, inside Moscow itself, even.

Time to open our ports to the UAE!

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