Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bush Cutting Funds To Coast Guard RESCUE Operations!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Just like the years Bush cut money for fixing or improving levees, now he is cutting funds to the Coast Guard especially their rescue work. Arrest Bush. He killed thousands last fall, he plans to kill even more thousands this summer.

From the Washington Times:
Capitol Hill lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the Bush administration is cutting critical Coast Guard funding, including $31 million for rescue missions, despite the agency's success in rescuing 33,000 storm victims in the last hurricane season.
"The cuts to search and rescue are particularly incomprehensible in light of the heroic performance of the Coast Guard during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita," said Sen. Susan Collins, Maine Republican and chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
Incredible, isn't it? Leaves one speechless.

Here is my blog during the hurricane rescue operation."And His Own Mother Drowned":
From Overspun::Click on this website and watch the video of the President of Jefferson Parish, LA. The interview starts out with the usual blather and the thanking of everyone but then goes off the rails when Mr. Broussard starts talking about how FEMA turned back a Coast Guard vessel that was trying to give him diesel fuel for the generators then turned by the Walmart tractor trailers then cut off his communication headquarters forcing him to post armed guards to shoot any FEMA people trespassing.
Sigh. Breaks the heart. This is so disgusting. Any American that believes that Bush is protecting us should go hunting with Cheney. I will provide the birdshot.

Here is another story,"Military Pushes Bush Aside."
I knew that the Bush chaos machine will provoke the military into taking action. Just this hour, the military has forced Bush to set Brownie the Lying Pixie out of FEMA and the top Coast Guard Admiral is now in charge.

From ABC news:
Sept. 9, 2005 — Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown, under criticism due to his management of Hurricane Katrina as well as reported discrepancies on his resume, is expected to be out as head of the agency very soon, informed sources have told ABC News.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is expected to announce that Brown will return to Washington, D.C., and Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen of the Coast Guard will be elevated to take over disaster relief efforts.
Nothing like success killing the competent! Bush rewards and promotes incompetence and fires people who do well. It is well worth going to the September archives here and just look at the cartoons. My oh my. Was I busy!

This level of malign incompetence isn't mere stupidity. Bush has a history of being a psychopath. He loved executing people, he loved blowing up frogs while running around, laughing. He and his wife literally run over people and Cheney shoots them in the face and then feels more sorry for himself, they are all murderous psychopaths and once again, we have proof of this.

The military is revving up the Vietnam War "gun airships" to shoot up civilian communities in Iraq. We are spending over $2 billion a week there and the fighting rages higher and higher. Meanwhile, Bush plans to let us drown. And does nothing about pollution and global warming. Latest news is, 54% of America thinks Bush isn't making America safe. Well. DUH. About time.

This is due to the media not reporting the "Bin Laden Attack" memo once Congress got their paws on it. Nor did the media connect the bin Laden/Bush family dots. Nor did they show him laughing with children while the rest of America was running around, screaming, "We are under attack!" He even admitted, "I thought, America is under attack" when Card told him about the second jet. So why did he sit there?

And the pictures from the WTC. Amazing. Bush, standing on the smoking ruins, standing on over 3,000 corpses, look at the photos!

HE IS LAUGHING. He can barely contain his mirth. Gah. Arrest him now.

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