Saturday, March 04, 2006

CENTCOM Just Emailed Me! And The Young Man Was So Nice, Too!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I just got a really sweet email from idle CENTCOM employees who have nothing better to do than to sit around, emailling bloggers so they can shoehorn more propaganda online. Maybe I could subvert them but I would far rather have the money wasted doing this, spent on the Coast Guard rescue operations!

Subject: CENTCOM
Date: March 3, 2006 2:53:38 PM EST

Greetings Elaine,

My name is SGT Gehlen from the U.S. Central Command public affairs office. I found your site on “Technorati” and I see that you are interested in politics and events in the CENTCOM area of responsibility. I wanted to invite you to visit our website at:

On our site we provide news, casualty reports, images video and more concerning events in the CENTCOM AOR. We welcome you to use any of the information you find on our site. I would also like to invite you to place a link to our site on you page if that is something you think your readers would be interested in. Thank you for your time.

SGT Gehlen
USCENTCOM Public Affairs
I certainly am easier to find than bin Laden. Just use a search engine. My darling emailer didn't explain to me who the mysterious blogger was who wrote several articles about children being blown up. This still mystifies me. If they are going to talk about me, they should have asked my opinion before publishing or at least given the url of the mystery site they cited in their own article.

Like all bloggers, I am eager to have an audience even if that audience is hostile. He also didn't explain the blogger war games that irritated the hell out of me the other day.
The last several days has been blogger hell at This is why my stories haven't been posted in a timely fashion. Well, now I learn that this week, the Pentagon has been doing war games...AGAINST BLOGGERS! We are, I am assuming, the Enemy. Pen is mightier than the sword and all that.

From Prison Planet:
Homeland Security completed its “Cyber Storm” wargame to test how our government “would respond to devastating attacks over the Internet from anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers.”

NOAA and NASA has had its troop of goofy spies harrassing me, too. I do hope they enjoy my cartoons. I often wonder if this is subverting their minds? Do they toss and turn at night, wondering about the pictures showing seas of red ink? The funny pictures of Dear Leader and Dear Big Time Leader? Is this undermining their morale?

Will Homeland Security visit me, next? And the real question is, can they do this during mud season when the long road up my mountain turns to mush? All the military vehicles that can negotiate the ruts on this road are in Iraq so I guess I can stick my tongue at at all of them, eh?

Except they can nail me here, online. And this ticks me off.

Go find bin Laden. Better still, arrest Bush. Thank you.

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