Thursday, March 09, 2006

Congress Makes UNCONSTITUTIONAL Spying Without Warrants Legal

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Without even any investigations of Bush and Gonzales breaking the law which would end in impeaching these criminals, Congress instead has secret meetings with their Fuehrer and decide the solution is to make warrantless searches legal!

From the NYT:

The plan by Senate Republicans to step up oversight of the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program would also give legislative sanction for the first time to long-term eavesdropping on Americans without a court warrant, legal experts said on Wednesday.

Civil liberties advocates called the proposed oversight inadequate and the licensing of eavesdropping without warrants unnecessary and unwise. But the Republican senators who drafted the proposal said it represented a hard-wrung compromise with the White House, which strongly opposed any Congressional interference in the eavesdropping program.
What is this "hard wrought" business? Bush threatened to veto any laws that would preserve the Constitution? Huh?

Bush spies on me and he spies on you, He spies on whoever he wants and he has a very long "enemies list" which he uses as the basis of this spying. America is rapidly becoming a police state, already we see our dictator using his vast powers handed to him by the Republicans who steal elections, he won't let harmless people into America who happen to protest his abuse of American and international laws. He sells America down the river to foreign powers like Dubai or Japan. He opens our ports and our cities to invasion and attacks but spends tremendous amount of time and effort tracking environmentalists and political dissidents.

He broke the law when he abused his powers and illegally spied on American citizens who were not breaking any laws. He should be arrested for this. At least impeached. Instead, he throws tempertantrums at the GOP Congressional leaders who cringe and beg for more. This collection of white males seem to be the biggest bunch of scary-cats on earth. Trembling like little children spooked by the itsy-bitsy spider, they squeal and run.
On Tuesday, Mr. Rockefeller said he believed that the committee's Republicans were "under the control" of the White House. Mr. Roberts said on Wednesday that he resented being portrayed as what he called a "lap dog of the administration."
Um, they are more than lap dogs, they are the barking dogs of the neo-nazi police state.

They want endless police state protections for themselves and then they turn around and pop on that stupid cowboy Brokeback hat and goose each other, stepping all over the Constitution, yawping as if they are strong and hale instead of helpless little cowardly twits.

If they are so chicken little scared of terrorists why are they so flaccid and flummoxed by the Dubai port deal? I don't get it. They want to lock the front door of America and then hand the keys to the Muslim dictators ruling the Middle East? Huh?
The administration would be required to provide "full access" to information about the eavesdropping, including "operational details," to the new Senate and House subcommittees, the summary said. Each subcommittee would consist of four Republicans and three Democrats from the Intelligence Committees.

Mr. DeWine, a principal author of the proposal, said it would give "very specific pinpoint oversight."

"We will be seeing specific cases coming back and seeing why they are not going into the FISA court," he said.
There is ZERO reason for all this. The "oversight" committee will be mostly Republicans and they will simply rubber stamp the dictator's choices and we will never know what the hell is going on since this stupid "oversight" committee will operate like the previous one: no one is allowed to talk about the spying! Gah. Worse, Bush can spy for 45 days before even telling the committee! Talk about rubbish. This rubber stamp proposal is unconstitutional. Congress cannot simply decide to write off much of the Constitution! Of course, the courts are now packed with neo-nazis who are desperate to cement the police state into place. They assure us, this is to protect America. Well, I know how to protect America!

Arrest them all. They are traitors. Period.

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