Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Desperate To Stop AP Story Showing Bush Lied About Katrina, Bush Releases Tape He Said Was Erased When Congress Asked For It!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The bad news of Bush and Chertoff's lying about Katrina, pretending they were kept in the dark, the tape clearly shows they knew exactly what was going on and deliberately ignored it all! Worse, Bush told Congress a tape of his phone calls concerning Katrina were "accidently erased." This was a lie since Rosemary is dead! Well, it was a lie. Bush released the tapes to Newsweek.


From Crooks and Liars:
Here's the video of this breaking story. Hat tip David Edwards. FEMA Brown is telling everyone that this is the "BIG ONE!" Bush says in the video that he's "fully prepared." He sure didn't act like he was now did he? Bush is busted for lying about the fact that nobody knew the levee's would possibly have been breached.
Fast work, bloggers! No wonder we are so hated! Heh!

Firedoglake found the latest Newsweek:
Administration and congressional officials said that the administration provided congressional investigators earlier this year with official transcripts of the daily noon FEMA conference calls conducted before, during and after Katrina. But the administration initially told Congress that the transcript for the Aug. 29 call—the call congressional investigators were most curious about, given that it occurred as the hurricane was actually battering the Gulf Coast—did not exist, with officials initially telling Capitol Hill that someone at FEMA or Homeland Security forgot to push the button on a tape recorder.

“Everybody has been looking for that transcript,” former FEMA chief Michael Brown said Wednesday.

A White House official unexpectedly e-mailed the transcript to NEWSWEEK earlier today Wednesday morning—initially without explaining that it was the missing transcript. Two officials familiar with congressional investigations said that the document was turned over to Capitol Hill investigators Tuesday night. Administration officials told both Congress and NEWSWEEK that FEMA officials in Atlanta had taped the Aug. 29 conference call by aiming a video camera at a TV screen rather than following the usual recording procedure. The videotape was subsequently discovered and transcribed.

While the newly discovered transcript does provide new evidence of initial presidential engagement in the Katrina crisis and of conflicting information about the state of New Orleans levees on Aug. 29, it also exposes some contradictions in previous administration explanations about the role of the White House and top officials in handling the crisis.
HAHAHA. I did a cartoon of Bush and Nixon's ghost. Seems the haunting has been in vain, Bush is too stupid to keep his lies straight.

Of course, Bush isn't scare of this Congress. So what if he lied about the transcripts, lied about tape recording stuff? He didn't have a Fawn Hall to take the transcripts out in her boots, he actually had it all the time and in a rage, released them before remembering his lies to Congress?

Time to put this clown under oath. Videotape his testimony and then examine his impeachment. There is no other solution at this point. This poke in Congress' collective eye can't be allowed to slide like his refusal to warn them about the memo warning about bin Laden attacking America which he concealed for many months until forced to cough it up.

Desperate to keep a 'united' (sic) front in the "war on terriers", Congress didn't indite him for treason over that business but now, it is too much, too late. The secret deal with the UAE which involved secret exchanges of $100 million to daddy Bush's account plus a pretend $100 million "for Katrina survivors" who happen to be under eviction tonight, they are being kicked out of quarters and ordered to homeless shelters or on the streets! Yes, Red Cross still has a billion dollars left and not a penny for them!

And look at what is brewing! From AP:

Grass fires raged across Oklahoma on Wednesday, injuring two firefighters, destroying homes and forcing evacuations of schools and businesses, authorities said.

The largest fires burned in Stephens County in southwestern Oklahoma, where two volunteer firefighters suffered severe burns battling a blaze that was at least eight miles long. Their conditions were not immediately available.

"They got trapped and were overcome by fire and severely burned," said Sam Darst, spokesman for the city of Duncan, the county seat.
It is in the 90's down south in the Gulf regions? Huh? Oklahoma is supposed to be very cold this time of year, spring is about to come, but this is summer temps!

The hurricane season this year will most likely dwarf last year's storms. This is a catastrophe of huge proportions, they haven't fixed 30% of the oil and gas rigs and then bloowie! Bam.

Will we have to use Chinese characters for storm name numbers? The alphabet has too few letters!

Nothing has been fixed for the future. Bush is cutting back on National Guard units, the ones we have are still stuck in the deteriorating conditions in Iraq, there are no plans to bring anyone home despite the utter lack of interest on the part of Americans in spending another trillion dollars and 50,000 lives.

Time to erase some tapes. Where's Rosemary Woods?
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