Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Am Fed Up With Blogger Crashing All Over The Place

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am leaving Blogspot.

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Blogger has been limping along for quite a while. They promised us, the last big crash, all was well and they had new systems.

Well, these systems failed hugely in the last three days leaving my news service in tatters, fouling up the postings and in general, making life impossible. So I decided to move over to "pay for" service which means I can communicate with someone when something happens. Blogger didn't even have the decency to inform us what was going on when the system crashed this last three times.

I am sorry about forcing regular readers to change URLs and do all the annoying updating but I hope this is the last time this news service has to pack the bags and move. There will be some instability here until I and my progeny rearrange the cyber furniture to fit my particular style and needs so in advance, I'm sorry for any inconvenience or difficulties.

Since this site isn't free like Blogger, I have added a "Tip Jar" for anyone interested in making donations. Everyone on line is looking for this. My overhead is under $25 a month, the time I spend posting and doing art is a whole different subject. My ability to produce swift artwork has vastly improved while posting this news service during the last year. Anyone interested in commissioning cartoons can contact me at

I hope this will be a much better blog when I am done. I have some ideas as to how to build it. And any suggestions, criticisms, wittisisms or whateversisms readers want to inflict on me, go right ahead and unload on me!

Just don't mistake me for a quail! Heh!

Thank you, everyone,
the Editor and Artist, Culture of Life News

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