Friday, March 03, 2006

NASA and USAF Spying On American Running Antiwar Organization

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As I keep warning everyone, our government which is getting as bad as the Soviet Union at this point, spies on activists who are struggling to contain or inform citizens about what our military/industrial complex is up to. I was not surprized to see NASA also doing this. NASA has become an Orwellian ghoul rather than a civilian mission to the stars.

From Wired News:
For more than a year, Bruce Gagnon strongly suspected he and his family were being spied on, but he didn't have any evidence, and he didn't know who might be behind it.

An Air Force veteran, Gagnon is one of the most prominent activists in the world concerned with space weapons. He directs the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space from a small office in Maine.

Still, he was caught off guard when the American Civil Liberties Union called and told him it had uncovered court documents revealing that NASA and the U.S. Air Force were secretly monitoring him.
Since Bush and Rummy allowed supposed Muslim "terrorists" to attack America with impunity while the entire miltiary sat on its collective ass, funds for spying on Americans has flowed freely. Even NASA, which claims poverty, has time and money to hire an army of right wing flacks to harrass and harry scientists and dissidents including me. Even NOAA has been forced to hire and support people whose sole function is to track and harrass anyone writing about global warming, again, they did this to me, too!

NASA's goon squad was ticked off about my Reagan wanting to talk to the school teacher in space piece, for example. They wanted me to know my story was false even though I know it was true since I was directly involved in trying to stop the shuttle from being launched that morning due entirely to concerns about severe cross winds.

I track who looks at my website and "unknown country" is code for USA government goons.

The real war as far as the American right wingers and their goofy leader, Bush, are concerned is the war to destroy democracy in America and stopping liberalism. This is why our civil liberties are evaporating, Congress is openly mocked by Bush who basically says every time he signs a bill that he will enforce the law only if he agrees otherwise it is meaningless! And he refuses to share vital government information with Congress especially when he is openly breaking the laws concerning spying on American citizens.

This is the rock bottom of our country; the right to have an opinion, speak in public, organize groups of people, the First Amendment. The news that a poll recently done showing Americans know the names of that stupid TV show, the Simpsons, characters better than they know the first 5 Amendments shows how dire our situation is.

For TV is now training minds, taking over the thinking parts, like a parasite, they eat up memory and displace reality. When the amended but still very unconstitutional Patriot Act was passed overwhelmingly in Congress, one member stood up, Feinstein, to read the Constitution and as he showed, point by point, how very unconstitutional these laws just passed were, all of Congress yawned.

"It is just a scap of paper."

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