Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Russia Hosts G8 Meeting--America And Russia In Conflict

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

G8 is meeting in Russia. Our relations with Russia worsen by the hour thanks to American imperialist objectives. Russia is an energy exporting country. This gives them increasing power quite literally. America wants war with Iran. WWIII, anyone?

From the Washington Post:
The Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, was allowed first to attend meetings and then to join, on the muddled grounds that making him a member, despite his country's lack of qualifications, would magically turn Russia into one of the world's largest democracies, too. It did not.

But now, having acquired ludicrous levels of significance and symbolism, the institution faces a genuine crisis. In July, the organization is going to meet for the first time under Russian leadership, in Russian President Vladimir Putin's hometown of St. Petersburg. And for the first time, a G-8 summit could produce, along with the bland communique, a political backlash harmful to all.

For by going to St. Petersburg, President Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Jacques Chirac, and the leaders of Italy, Germany, Canada and Japan will in effect place their stamp of approval on the removal of political rights, the harassment of independent groups, the renationalization of energy and the censorship of media that Putin has imposed on his country since he took over from Yeltsin six years ago. They will also give their blessing to Putin's use of gas pipelines to threaten Ukraine, and to his ambiguous role in Iranian nuclear and Middle East peace negotiations. And after Bush goes home, the denizens of the Kremlin -- along with Venezuelans, Iranians, Arab leaders and others around the world -- will sit back, laugh and agree that the leaders of the so-called West merely pay lip service to the ideals of freedom and democracy; they don't really believe in them. If you have enough oil, they'll let you into their clubs anyway. The long-term result: The American president's ability to speak credibly about democracy and political freedom will be irreparably damaged.
My god, the Washington Post is trying their mightiest to make me laugh to death. Teach Elaine a lesson!

Well, I am made of sterner stuff and so are readers of this blog. Naaaay.

For the world's foremost police state that lets in hordes of illegal aliens while locking out Irish Parlimentarians or authors of books or film makers, poets, spouses of dead labor leaders, everyone and anyone who might irritate the ruling elite here, yaps about freedom in Russia?

The country that self censors the press and TV by allowing powerful monopolies run by the elite take over all forms of the media leaving only the internet as the last bastion of real First Amendment rights, one that they are most anxious to shut down, we are the beacon of freedom? Huh? Pass that by us bloggers again, dudes.

With bloggers now being openly spied upon by the government, the government invading homes to see if we have pictures of Bush being strung up by his skinny neck, is the beacon of civil rights, a person's home is their castle?

I don't have these pictures at home though I do have one with Bush as the Fool with the Crown waving a Sword, attacking the court system. Does that count as subversive?

America's rulers have to heave very hard to make it look as if this country isn't a police state even as they impose this rule on us. Look at England! They are being herded into carrying ID cards that have EYE SCANS! A man was fined for giving the finger to hidden police cameras. You see, you are supposed to be happy they are spying on everyone. A woman sued them for using the cameras to spy on her and her evidence was the cameras trained on the camera watchers, filming them making obscene comments about the lady in question while spying on her.

I remember an ancient British tale of the Peeping Tom and the naked Queen riding through London's streets back in the Dark Ages, a time when peeping Toms spying on everyone through eaves dropping, another quaint English tale, eaves droppers hung out next to windows, they were called all sorts of unpleasant names. Sneaks, stoolies, ever hear of "Keep yer nose out of my affairs"?

Sneaky sneaks are meeting sneakily in Russia so they can plot how to spy on us and drive us all into slavery. And these evil people dare to yap about Russia? What is Putin's crime, anyway? Oh, he is taking over the oil and charging a lot of money for it and using it to improve social services in Russia.

OH!!!! Now I see!!!! Bad Putin, naughty, naughty. In Europe, they are putting historians in prison for "denying the Holocaust" even as they assist the Jews in creating a new Holocaust in the Middle East and we are not allowed to make cartoons showing the Jews in Israel as neo-nazis even as Horowitz rummages around America, trying to intimidate professors who dare speak anything drastically diffent from the neo-Zionist's neo-con crap. Teachers are harrassed for talking about Gandhi in school, mentioning the possibility of peaceful disengagement, reprimanded for mentioning the astonishing closeness of Bush to Hitler's ideology. Not to mention, his family's personal friendships with the same.

I was too sick yesterday to post about this which is OK since it is even more relevant today. From Reuters
The top diplomats from Russia and the United States exposed their countries' widening rift on Tuesday, publicly airing disagreements over how to curb Iran's nuclear programs and other issues, such as trade and democracy.

At a news conference, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov departed from their past practice of keeping their differences behind closed doors and exchanged complaints about the other's policies.

After Rice said she had expressed U.S. worries about Russia's democracy, Lavrov retorted that Moscow too had concerns about the United States and complained that Washington was the sole hold-out blocking its entry to the World Trade Organization.
The more unpopular our dictator is at home, the more he and his minons yap about democracy abroad. I see a pattern here. Russia, like China, is openly hostile at this pathetic attempt at propaganda from people who have shredded our Constitution, openly used a vote tally on Diebold machines, 18181, to shove in our faces the truth that our voting systems are fake machines set to keep them in power with eternal 50.1% vote tally victories so even when the polls show 60% of Americans loathe the GOP, they can claim one last minute victory after another until someone pulls their plugs.

This is ridiculous. International vote monitoring organizations uniformly call the American electoral system a complete failure and impossible to monitor due to systems set up to defeat examination for fairness.

Russia rightfully warned us to keep out of their territory, they have a "sphere of influence" and we plopped military bases deep within this sphere while crowing that we were winning the Cold War at last. Meanwhile, we verbally attack China who is very upset for the same reason, our penchant for setting up military bases deep within their sphere of influence, too. From the Washington Post:
Reports from Taiwan said Chen's government had reassured U.S. officials by changing the language of the announcement. Originally, Chen planned to say he was "abolishing" the council, they said, but shifted to a statement that it had "ceased to function."

This amounted to little more than official recognition of reality, the reports said. The council, founded in 1990 by the then-governing Nationalist Party, has been inoperative since Chen came to power on an ardently pro-independence platform.

Chinese officials and analysts have warned that Chen could read the mild U.S. response as a green light for further steps emphasizing his desire to establish formal independence. In particular, Chinese officials have expressed fear Chen might try next to revise the constitution to underline its separation from China, or start calling the island Taiwan in official documents.

"We will have to remain highly vigilant for any complication in the situation," Li said, "and we are prepared to deal with any development."
Li is the person in charge of Chinese foreign affairs and his IQ dwarfs Condi's IQ. He knows the game we are playing and he knows the stakes and he is gently warning us that we are in danger of being fried. He knows the tools to be used are economic as well as diplomatic. He courts Putin daily. He never lectures Russia in public. He doesn't even lecture America, not that our rulers would heed any warnings.

Some people think it is all one big joke, this Chinese fixation with Taiwan. Geopolitical reasons for China doing this are very, very, TERRIBLY strong. China has many good reasons to insure Taiwan be an ally and not an enemy. It would be the height of irresponsility for Chinese leaders to ignore this. Taiwan is a knife at China's throat.

It would be like India ignoring Pakistan. They can't.

And are we winning hearts and minds in Russia or China, for that matter? From Moscow News:
Most Russians are not going to support any side in an armed conflict between the United States and Iran. 17 percent of the respondents to the poll held by Levada Center company called the United States a definite threat to the world and 40 percent said it was likely so. 9 percent said Iran was the threat, 33 said it was likely so.

Speaking on Russia’s role in a possible conflict, 35 percent said they wanted Russia to become a mediator, 27 expressed the point it was better not to intervene, 18 percent said it was preferable to maneuver between the sides acting in its own interest. Only 6 percent proposed to support Iran, and 3 percent to support the United States.
Looks like Putin, unlike Bush or Blair, is actually reflecting the Will of the People! They don't want war, they want neutrality but lean towards Iran's side and are definitely against America. I am not a bit surprised, reading how deftly Putin has been playing this game lately, it is interesting. He even invited Hamas over for tea while America's Zionist State Department screamed itself hoarse.

Meanwhile, American neo cons flack the right wing CIA Pahlavi family. From Times of London:
“President (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad was elected on the basis of a ‘chicken in every pot’ and there’s no sign that he is living up to that,” said a senior State Department official. “The patience of people who supported him is going to run out.”

Iranian exiles are using the showdown with Tehran over nuclear weapons to build unity among notoriously fractured opposition groups. Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah of Iran, said in Washington last week that democratic regime change was a “race against time”.

“Forget about endlessly negotiating with the mullahs,” he said. “They will only buy the regime more time and a military strike would be a gift to the clerics. Everybody knows you cannot come away from the precipice without democracy.”
There was no "democracy" in Iran under the Shah. Now his stupid, lazy son wants us to pay in blood and money to put his ass back on the throne. Right? We are fighting WWIII for the Sheiks and Shahs and Pashaws of the world. Right.

Arrest them all.

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