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To Keep Things In Perspective, Here Is A Retrospective Of All My Katrina Postings

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Since Katrina has reared her ugly head in the news and because Bush and his minions and fellow criminals like Chertoff who should be deported, it is time to review what happened in the past and what these criminal people did, their attitude, their words, their lack of deeds!

Hurricane Marti GrasI talk about not only the hurricane but the lacksidasical attitude of all the officials who aren't taking it serioiusly, seemingly, since no body is evacuating New Orleans. People are beginning to escape. This is Aug. 28th.

Aug. 30th:
Reason # 6488 why it is totally demented to send nearly the entire National Guard to Iraq. Gads. And this week was all about more base closings! Emptying out our empire to the furthest corners of the earth and then attacking Cindy Sheehan for suggesting they come home.


Lord in heaven, what will it take? Bush wants to compare this to WWII?

Well, at the end of WWII, Germany lay in fucking ruins, you moron which is what we will be dwelling in at this pace. In ancient China, if bad things happened via the Gods, the Emperor was sacrificed to placate the deities. We don't do that but in this case, impeaching the idiot who plunged us all into a costly,wasteful war is most appropriate.

I am going to the Peace Pagoda at dawn to pray for the many dead and those who will be beset by Death's cold hands. I really wish I could save them all.

But I am not President of the USA. Nope. Nor are any of my readers.
Already, I am a raving maniac about the hurricane.

LootI talk about the looting and the water rising. This is Aug. 31st.
The domed stadium is rapidly becoming the doomed stadium. The military are bringing in ever more people but the water is rising fast and it seems they no longer are bringing people in. The water is 3' deep around this "refuge" which is now a trap. People are already dying inside. Of course, the sick are the first to go. One man's oxygen tank ran out and he died. Others who need diabetes medication are now getting sicker. There is no way to dispose of the bodies but to take them outside into the hot sun.

Aug. 31 Katrina Blows Past UsI thought there might be a sane response to the hurricane which was whipping past my mountain that day.

Sept. 1st. Rescue Work Suspended!
I am crying. It is so hard to read the news now. Many are dying. There are dead bodies in the Stadium. Babies are dying. More people stream in and few get out and supplies aren't showing up because there isn't enough helicopters...they are all in Iraq and Afghanistan!---and people are dying.

Right now. I can't save a soul. Most of us have to stand by and watch this horror.
Sigh. Even now, I can't read this part without crying. My god. A must read. How I hate Bush!

More News From New Orleans CNN is getting many thousands of emails today nearly uniformly demanding to bring the troops home. Word is out on the streets that many troops in Iraq are ticked off because they can't defend America. Bin Laden sends us another taunting tape mocking our rulers and their wars and alas, no one can feel any confidence in those people supposedly protecting us. From Reuters:Six months ago. Not one troop has been pulled out of Iraq, the troop numbers are exactly the same, no, more were sent for the fake elections there. It is worse than before, the situation more dire this coming summer!

Sept. 2nd:

Oh, The Humanity!A National Guard helicopter finally came to drop them some supplies, and Mayor Ray Nagin advised those inside the convention center to march across a bridge to the other side of the Mississippi River for help.

Federal Emergency Management Director Michael Brown told CNN that federal officials were unaware of the crowds at the convention center until Thursday, despite the fact that city officials had been telling people for days to gather there.

"We just learned about that today, and so I have directed that we have all available resources to get to that convention center to make sure that they have the food and water, the medical care that they need," he said.That bastard, Brown, is trying to rewrite history. Here we are, days after the hurricane, I am already in hysterics, and that clown "just learned" about the situation? HUH? Liar.

NOW The Military Arrives...sheesh!

Sept. 3:
By Dawn's Early Light...DAY SEVEN!
Up at dawn. Sad, disturbing dreams of being a refugee. For a million people, the dream is their waking reallity. So I slog onwards, in my own, much more protected way. Watching and witnessing. I read the Mayor of New Orlean's interview. He was stonewalled from above, you know. Why do the right wingers pretend people have to call for help when it is obvious they are screaming for help? This deliberate cluelessness is why right wingers make hideous leaders. They are so used to filtering out the sounds of humans dying, wailing for help..."Time for her to get on with her life and for me to get on.." as Bush likes to say, his chill out comments now have to be switched to him holding destitute people.

Note that Bush hasn't reamed out his team. He smiles as he coddles the suffering. But he has not one strong word for his own team. Instead, he goes around seeking praise and love from his own cronies who lavish it upon Bubble Boy. From the WP:

MT Slowpoke
This day is the beginning of many cartoons mocking these clowns over their lies and activities.

Sept. 4th:
Shoe LeatherCondi said what the cartoon says. I still can't believe my ears. What a monster.
Sept. 7th:

Baby doll abandoned by a little girl. It was really hard, looking at the dead, so I used that image, less painful. Still hurt.
Media trumpets Bush's numbers are recovering because he hugged handpicked minorities and pretended to care.

First cartoon from when we learned Bush went off to play the guitar and goof around while people were dying at the Super Dome.

Vera, the anonymous corpse left on the street for so many days, a shrine was built around her.

Despite the media trying to cover up Bush's crimes, we bloggers got photos of his hootnanny and this is my cartoon of it.

Cheney was killing things for fun and his wife was buying a multi-million dollar mansion so both were way too busy to help Americans.

Brown explaining why FEMA left the elderly and disabled to die.

I tried to imagine the last hours of the St. Rita patients. Cried too much to make good art work.

This is a picture of Bush hijacking firemen to pose for him while New Orleans burned out of control.

We bloggers got pictures of McCain's birthday bash. He and Bush laughed and sang while thousands were drowning. Neither man gave a hoot.

Fema closed offices. People nearly rioted.

Chertoff and Brownie try to pass the buck. Many lies are told. They can't stop lying.

A frightened Bush hands New Orleans over to the Coast Guard.
One can read all my postings from Sept. 1 to Oct.1, 2005. It is all there. The whole, ugly mess.

Arrest them all.

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