Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Taiwan's President Ends Reunification Council--China Broils With Fury

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

OK, this is what happens when one lets money men run our foreign policy. They sell us down the river and we lose all influence over other nations because we are in debt to nearly everyone now. So Taiwan can punch China in the eye and then shove us into China's face. China, a major source of funds for our dicator, is now shoving Bush back into Taiwan's lap. Meanwhile, the Japanese kick us in the shins while shoving us into China's face, too, while tripping over both Koreas which are striking back at Japan, if the Middle East isn't enough fun for us, welcome to the Far East, land of scrutible and inscrutible screw ups.

From Xinhua Net:
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday slashed the decision of Taiwan authorities to cease the function of "National Unification Council" and the application of its guidelines, saying it is a "dangerous step" toward "Taiwan Independence."

Hu made the remarks while meeting with visiting Swiss Defence Minister Samuel Schmid here Tuesday afternoon.

Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian announced Monday that the "National Unification Council" shall "cease to function" and the "National Unification Guidelines" shall "cease to apply."
The smooth diplomacy machine of China pauses hardly a split second to show its open rage here. This is a top priority item with the Chinese. They aren't going to take this sitting down.

Already, the USA has tried to placate the Chinese without doing anything useful since Bush has very tangled personal financial affairs with Taiwan just like he is owned by the UAE. Asians always struggle with the concept of bribes but even in the old religions of China, one burns fake paper money at funerals to bribe the guardians at the gates of Heaven so this isn't exactly a new business over there.

The Bush clan has many business dealings with the Communist Chinese, too, for they understood well that all American Presidents are for sale. All foreign powers know that our government services the highest bidders who are, increasingly, not Americans. Since we are totally incapable of cleaning up our election systems, this is only going to get much worse. The Chinese politburo have announced they are cleaning up all the bribe takers in their government and already a host of party members have been arrested along with many intellectuals or dissidents. Obviously, everyone is preparing for a conflict and of course, America sleepwalks into all this.

From Taiwan News:
In a display of anger against President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) official announcement that the National Unification Council will cease to be operational, the pan-blue alliance of the Kuomintang and the People First Party has launched a presidential recall campaign.
Throwing his weight behind the proposal, KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) last night formally ordered the KMT to back the recall motion.

In response to Ma's decision, Presidential spokesman Chen Wen-tsung stated that, "It would be difficult for people to imagine the opposition party involved in an active recall campaign."

Opposition parties will also demanded that Premier Su Tseng-chang and high-ranking officials issue a report on the president's decision to legislators.
Already, the rapport built up since the surprise visit last fall are paying off. The Kuomintang and the Communists are united in wanting a united China and this is a classic byzantine relationship that I can't penetrate too well. But it suffices to say, Taiwan is very divided today and many are wondering why their President chose this moment to poke China's eye.

Let's pray Condi doesn't get involved. Her monumental stupidity can only make things worse.

Industrialists in Taiwan have expanded into China to the tune of over $100 billion dollars. They don't want to see that go up in smoke. In a confrontation with China, only Taiwan can back down. If they think America will risk WWIII over this matter, they are nuts only America's dicator is as insane as Hitler so I wouldn't put it past him. Our military already let China know they consider that nation our number one enemy.

Meanwhile, Japan's Koizumi pokes China in the eye, too, over and over again. In order to entwine America thoroughly within Japan's embrace, we are relocating our military throughout the main islands. But this is not popular at all with the Japanese people. From Asahi:

It will be the first municipal referendum on issues concerning U.S. military realignment in Japan, and the outcome could affect negotiations between Japan and the United States, analysts said.

A final report by the two countries is scheduled to be compiled by the end of March.

Based on the results of the survey conducted by telephone on Feb. 25 and 26, in which 1,020 randomly chosen Iwajuni voters gave valid answers, the two governments have failed to win local support for the aircraft transfer.

The survey showed 71 percent were against the plan, while only 11 percent approved the relocation.According to the survey, 67 percent of voters plan to cast ballots in the referendum, and 77 percent said the central government should honor the results.
As usual, we will ram this down their throats because nothing enrages our dictator more than any population refusing to obey his fiats. We wonder why we are so unpopular yet we iincrease this unpopularity by using mostly our military for diplomacy. Stationing troops in Japan and Germany has been nothing but madness for many years now. This is a provocation which gets increasingly grave as time passes.

Condi is supposed to be a Russian expert but she is a fake. She personally shoved Putin into China's lap and now wonders why Putin hates us and is kissy kissy with the Chinese. So instead of China being flanked by hostile borders in the rear, China has a dear friend now as China turns and faces down the USA over the Taiwan issue.

From Asahi:
But just when it was beginning to look as though the agency's (Defense) dream would come true, the tide turned. With a breach of trust scandal of eight years ago still fresh in public memory, high-placed Defense Facilities Administration Agency officials and others are now suspected of collusion in bid-rigging.

Other agencies, such as the Forestry Agency and the Financial Services Agency, have each gone their own way. The Environment Agency became a ministry five years ago. In contrast, the scandal-ridden Social Insurance Agency is to be downsized and demoted to a pension organization called the Nenkin Jigyo Kiko (insurance program organization).

The Defense Agency may trace its "lineage" all the way back to the imperial court at Nara, but unless it stops its systemic malfeasance and bid-rigging, the public is hardly likely to support its elevation to ministry status. Given the present mess, we would not be surprised to see it renamed a lowly Boei Jigyo Kiko (defense program organization).
This convoluted article is about how the name of an agency reflects its status and the Japanese just degraded their own Defence Dept. to a lower status. Like when Bush removed FEMA down a step leading to its collapse.

The Japanese have no serious plans to defend themselves, their sole plan is to use us. Indeed, this is the plan of all the Asian "allies" which is extremely dangerous since this means we are the cat's paw for a dozen groups who hate each other and often, hate us, too. We enjoy very little status with any of them. How can they respect us?

No one respects beggars.

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Rain of Terror---Bush's Popularity Collapses Here As Iraq Explodes

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even the dimmest witted Americans is now aware of what we antiwar bloggers have been predicting and expecting: a full blown civil war/insurrection in Iraq. Every day, our soldiers are blown up, Iraqis have been blown up, over 1,500 this last week alone, the whole place is in flames and this was due entirely to the "election" we cooked up there. Meanwhile, at home, Bush's popularity which always soared on violence, collapses as he frantically tries to make Homeland Security a joke.

From the Christian Science Monitor:
In the race to get ahead economically, America's young workers are falling behind.

A new survey shows that median incomes fell for householders under 45, even as they rose for older ones, between 2001 and 2004.

Income fell 8 percent, adjusted for inflation, for those under 35 and 9 percent for those aged 35 to 44. The numbers add new weight to longstanding concerns about whether younger generations of Americans will achieve living standards that are better - or at least equal to - those of their parents.
This is the New World Order. Even as the American military causes destabilization and destruction in Muslim oil countries, the relentless push to wipe out inflation caused by Greenspan and now Bernanke's printing money like crazed monkeys to the tune of nearly a trillion a year, the economic condition of the majority of the workingclass is rapidly deteriorating.

"Productivity" is up and up but that merely means "the ability of the elite grabbing profits from workers". They are rolling in dough, enjoying huge tax cuts aimed at their incomes only and they are the 10% core of Bush's support. 20% remaining support comes from people who hate gays and women's rights. This hellish coalition also wants endless wars because they both directly benefit from it: jobs in the "defense" industry or as soldiers. One reason why there are so few unhappy Gold Star Mothers and Wives is because they get a huge bounty if their loved ones die. This money makes them very happy so their tears dry up pretty quickly except for a handful like the brave Cindy Sheehan.

Her husband seems pretty happy about his son's death. He has a nice nest egg for his new wife and can start producing more sons, happy as a lark.

This is because economics often trumps feelings. There are still significant numbers of Americans, now less than 50%, who want war because they still feel it willl make oil cheap or they are employed within the military/police state apparatus. This is why, as Iraq blows up in our faces, they want more war. War=good times for them. This is why our military isn't revolting against the obvious incompetence and even open treason exhibited by our rulers.

The UAE/portals to America dust up is a fine example. The pets of the rulers, nearly all of them, are in full bellow this week trying to convince Americans who just woke up with a start, that selling our ports to the very same people who enabled the 9/11 attacks is a good thing and we are all racists for wanting to halt it. Even as their popularity ratings on TV fall, they continue to slog onwards because they must. The owners of the media are hip deep in the military/industrial complex and their side deals make a lot of money off of American fears.

The malfeasance of the GOP is now so great, even deluded red state voters are noticing. They barely approved of the destruction of the minority community of New Orleans but that meant letting a lot of whites fall off the cliff, too. Even this doesn't bother the rulers who really don't like virtually anyone. They wanted to see all the dirt poor home owners of the Gulf coast removed further inland so the rich can turn it into their playground and get it rebuilt every few years, newer and better, thanks to government subsidies because they will make these properties "businesses" with "jobs" that are the usual "servant" type jobs so beloved by Greenspan and Bernanke who make no differenciation between industrial manufacturing and service economies.

From the NYT:
Though the tensions were somewhat defused Sunday when the company agreed to a 45-day national security review, the problem continues to exact a steep political price from Mr. Bush, exposing divisions between the White House and Congressional Republicans in a critical election year and further weakening a president already reeling from a series of setbacks, from Hurricane Katrina to the war in Iraq.

"We've defended them on wiretaps, we've defended them on Iraq, we've defended them on so many things he's tried to accomplish, that to be left out here supporting this thing in a vacuum is kind of offensive," Representative Mark Foley, Republican of Florida, said Sunday in an interview after the company's agreement to the review was announced. He added, "If it's just about saving face and letting us humor ourselves, we won't be satisfied."
The Republican Congress has destroyed Congressional power in order to have "power". They made a deal with a devil who is death, Bush, and they wonder why he can't do the bare niceties of pretending to consult. Well, they, themselves, refused to put him or anyone under him, under oath when appearing before Congress or any investigative commission. They, themselves, cheered him wildly when he came up with the loopy "Axis of Evil" speech the second State of the Union Speech. Even when that axis was obviously demented, connecting dire enemies, Iran and Iraq into a coalition of terror? It was laughable then and there but instead of hitting him for this and wondering if he was insane, they cheered, jumping up and down.

Anyone pointing out the obvious was attacked not just by them but by the entire media. The media beat the drums of war for Bush and slimed anyone against the war. When "Farenheit 911" came out, the media refused to run ads for the movie, most of the reviews were full of lies and open hostility, when people noticed the famous tape of Bush smiling hugely and then reading merrily, "My Pet Goat" made the news thanks to the film, the owners of America had their Legions of Darkness bellow "Don't watch that movie, it is full of lies." So the vast majority of people, thanks to theater owners boycotting this film, never got to see it and when Moore offered it for free to the TV stations to run it, they united in refusing, utterly and totally. This black out of vital information is normal in our police state. To this day, not one TV station has shown the video of Bush reading that book, nor has anyone discussed it nor has Congress questioned Bush about it.

The recent shooting of a friend by Cheney has been washed over by hectoring men and women yelling, "It was an ACCIDENT!" at the top of their lungs. This methodology still works, yelling one's opinion by as many robotic similar people as possible. This is why propaganda works in most instances. Most humans want to get along, monkey see-monkey do. For example, our rulers don't want anyone to see or understand the bizarre relationship we have with Japan's economy so they yell constantly about the Chinese yuan and never ever mention the yen, not even in passing. So even smart people who are suspicious of Bush have fallen into the habit of talking only about the yuan even as the grave danger to our currency lurks in Tokyo.

Yelling can't hide the fact that Iraq is blowing up because the explosions are now too loud, too frequent, too destructinve. No more American hot shot TV personalities are going there to give upbeat reports only to be blown up. I will note here that the last corporate tool to do this is now medically brain dead vs fake brain dead. He is never mentioned, it is like 1984, he is simply dissappeared.

Indeed, our dead soldiers were dissappeared, too. By Bush fiat. When he made up the dorky rule that no one can photograph the coffins of our heroes (irritating casualties), the media didn't rise up in wrath, there weren't shouting faces on TV yelling about how disgraceful this was. Instead, dead silence. Only when someone leaked the pictures onto the internet and we bloggers carried it all over the world, did the media ask for some pictures and then showed a few but they peetered out to be replaced by pictures of happy Iraqis praising their new overlords.

There are no more pictures of happy Iraqis. Except for Sadr who I predicted, would incite and arrange terrorist attacks and who is in the process of a coup in Iraq. He is very happy. Indeed, the fact that we morphed him from "America's Most Wanted" into "America's Buddy" is all our own fault. We wanted troops to attack Sunnis and he provided them. The downgrading of the only Iraqi troops Bush claimed were reliable is a telling matter. No Iraqi military units are working for us. None. Zippo.

The civil war won't wash around our bases. It will and must directly attack us. This is because we are no longer siding with the Shi'a (Shiites), we are siding with nobody now. Except the UAE. They make tons of money off of us. They are buying up our ports. They hate us and use us and need to suck our carcass dry. And they give the Bushes bushels of money, hundreds and billions of dollars.

Arrest Bush. He is a traitor to America.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Russia And Iran Make A Nuclear Deal After China Makes Oil Deal

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Iran can't be attacked. They have a great deal with Russia so the causus bellus no longer is applicable for the USA to start WWIII. China and Russia have figured out that making allies without stationing troops all over the planet pays off handsomely. Meanwhile, the USA is patrolling the entire planet at our own cost without getting tribute from anyone, only loans which are sinking our economy under a massive burden of debts.

From Teheran Times:
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Director Gholamreza Aqazadeh said on Sunday that Iran and Russia have reached an agreement in principle for the creation of a joint uranium enrichment company.

Speaking to reporters in a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergei Kiriyenko after the two inspected the Bushehr nuclear power plant currently under construction by Russian help in this southern city, Aqazadeh said that nuclear negotiations on the Russian proposal would continue over the next few days in Moscow.

He noted that the two sides are satisfied over the process of talks, adding that comprehensive talks took place in Tehran both Saturday and Sunday on the proposal.
Translation: Teheran now has a very powerful Godfather who happens to also be in the oil selling business and who is increasingly hostile to the American empire which has stupidly and willfully established military bases in former Soviet states and Warsaw pact states despite Russian warnings to lay off. So of course, Russia is very rapidly forming new alliances with all and sundry who stand against this ever encroaching empire.

Our psychotic need to control all points of the compass using troops and military attacks has gotten so far out of control we lost sight of why we are doing all of this. One of comments here on the blog by one of the wonderful readers about how their own country has "let" the USA establish a military control over their once sovereign lands reminds me about how empires destroy all sense of patriotism and sense of sovereignty not only in subject lands, and if we have military ruling over your country, you have NO sovereignty!---and how this destroys the same at home at the imperial center which leads to patriotic decay and even outright treason on the part of the imperialists who will go so far as to deliberately cause, prod or conspire to have their home base attacked so they can have further excuses for imperial domination of distant lands.

Like 9/11.

The reason America rebelled against England's domination was because they were taxed while not being allowed to vote on the taxes. Also, restrictions on slave trade were just beginning to be implimented, not to mention trade in general, America was not allowed to make or export industrial products like glass or pottery or iron works, for example. Only raw materials.

China demanded trade be done with gold which is why England set out to militarily dominate China.

Unlike the British Empire which made economic sense, for a while, for Britain, America not only doesn't tax our 100 provinces like England or Australia or Germany or even Japan. Japan does pay for the military presence but only a pittance compared to the true cost of sustaining and building and training these forces.

Japan has done a very neat trick: they "pay" us by selling us money at a nice interest rate that is higher than the rate they pay themselves which is near zero percent at home and for the USA, 4.5% and climbing. Meanwhile, to hide this every expensive military empire that costs over half a trillion dollars a year and is totally incompetent at defending Americans as we witnessed during last year's hurricane season when the National Guard was totally missing and if flown home, had no vehicles in which they could save anyone, our missing military is hidden from the average American's pocketbook via these Japanese loans.

But it is now so big, we just took up a host of former Soviet states who demand we pay them to occupy their countries! On top of that, Egypt and Israel demand an arm and a leg, too, haughtily sniffing they will be rowdy and start wars if we don't pay both tribute! 2,000 years ago, Rome took tribute from Egypt, not the other way around.

Because our province of Japan, rich and in command of our entire economy, pays zero taxes and only a pittance for our military, cannot fund the grossly oversized empire for us even in the form of loans, America's rulers have brazenly gone to a country that has ZERO American troops on their soil, no intention of ever letting any American troops on their soil, indeed, is quite hostile to America's imperial dream, we go to Communist China for loans to pay for our trade deficit with Japan and our out sized military!

To fund these loans, we had to open our ports to China who flooded them with goods. Very rapidly, nearly all American industry melted away under the onslaught. No one in China pays taxes to America, either. Instead, all other countries desiring to keep their autonomy and sovereignty are forming strong alliances with China that don't involve Chinese imperial troops. These are classic alliances, not craven surrender like England or Australia. Germany and Japan surrendered literally after WWII and both have cleverly undermined the victors to the point that both dominate America in all ways but a very few point which are rapidly dwindling. England and Australia surrendered slowly, using the Soviet Union as an excuse, pretending we were at war during peace time.

Even so, when America rushed into the former French colony of Vietnam, the Brits held back, claiming sovereignty. Australia, a closer province, joined in only to be slapped around by the American imperial propaganda machine that had to create the impression that America was the sole defender of freedom in order to con Americans into dying for the old French empire.

When we went into our latest round of imperial prancing, we had to twist many arms to do it, making business deals with our provinces that involved us paying them tribute which was a cute trick, I admit. This extravagant deal making is rapidly bankrupting America to the tune of $700 billion+ the $500 billion military spending which means we are going into the red to the tune of nearly a trillion a year.

So we get the appearance of imperial unity, using Britain as our Nepal, remember, the Nepalese were imperial troops sent all over the place as the empire was expiring. Anyway, we bribed Blair into doing this scheme by offering him a seat at Carlyle's table.

We just learned this week that Carlyle got $100 million to "invest" from the UAE the same week the UAE "gave" to the empire $100 million as a very secret gift to pay for the hurricane only there is no proof of this except for a cable transfering funds and the fact that both transactions are for exactly the same amount means places we want to have as part of our empire are openly bribing our rulers to do what they want which is to dominate America which is dying thanks to the very high cost of running this stupid empire that taxes not a single province.

No empire has tried this in the past. All worked hard at tax collecting far from home to keep the native populations quiet. When the home base was taxed to run the empire, it collapses. Witness England, for example. Up until WWI, the English were happy with their empire because it expanded lopsided trade and taxes were paid by peasants in China and India, not England.

Then the war forced taxes on England and all was not so merry. One solution the Brits used was to extend their dying empire. This is why they invaded the Middle East and tried to annex Iraq. This was another drain on the Treasury. The British couldn't buy things extravagantly anymore and trade fell apart and the world went into the Great Depression because the same fate fell upon the other two empires who fought WWI, Germany and France.

Germany tries to change this by conquering Europe and taxing them to pay for Germany's empire. This fell apart spectacularily. Especially since it involved murdering milllions of Europeans in order to run the German tax empire.

America got away with not taxing their provinces for 25 years simply because all of Europe and Asia lost their industrial base when everything was bombed during WWII. So we were the only ones and thus, didnt' need to tax the impoverished former empires of Europe and Asia.

Today, this is obviously not true. Yet we keep running our deficit ridden empire as if we don't need taxes from anyone including the American populace. Thus the gigantic deficits.

China and Russia repudiated debts several times in the past, a necessary action for any empire. They rebuilt themselves after millions of deaths from starvation and privation and are now growing strong again. When they sign treaties and contracts, they are very cautious about taking on military extentions. They want trade and influence, not military drains.

Because of this caution, they are succeeding at growing in power even as America sinks under increasing loads, losing our grip on everything even as we grab at everything. Iran, in forming an alliance with these rivals, is now too strong for Europe or America to attack. This doesn't mean there will be no war.

For the Israelis will attack. They need war and since they tax America for their support, not the other way around, they can haul us into war, having powerful allies running many aspects of our government. If they decide, unilaterally, to bomb Iran, this can start WWIII because America is too bankrupt to force a diplomatic solution upon Israel.

The fact that our rulers have contrary-wise alliances, most of which are top secret, with Israel's nominal enemies, is a real problem. For one of the classic explanations of why WWI happened so rapidly was "secret alliances and treaties with many parties" business. Namely, when the first bullet was shot, everyone had to rapidly decide which secret backstabbing treaty they wanted to enforce or reveal. It was an interesting diplomatic trainwreck that killed millions of people.

Do we want this?
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

China Cements Alliance With Iran and The Palestinians Demand The UN Censor Israel

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

China finally picks up Iran and walks away with it and its oil. Big loss for Europe thanks to the Europeans working for Israel and Bush. The Mayor of London is punished for comparing the vicious neo-Warsaw Ghetto Israeli Defence Forces to "Nazis" even though they are acting like Nazis, and Abbas demands the UN censor Israel for the zillionth time but Bolton, worried more about sex, will veto punishing Israel. And Iraq is in full flames now, our soldiers being blown up daily, little mention in the press.

From Xinhua net:
Iran and China pledged on Saturday to promote the development of bilateral relations in all fields.

During his talks with visiting Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Lu Guozeng, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad commended China's achievements in its social construction and said that bilateral relations have undergone smooth development in recent years.

Iran views China as a friend and cooperation partner and hopes to strengthen its cooperation with China in all fields, Ahmadinejad said.
End game. When playing the ancient Asian strategy game, "Go", this is the equivalent of making an "eye" which means, with the fewest stones possible, you make an unassailable territory that is yours for the rest of the game.

Meaning, we can't take it away from China. If we made friends with the Iranians, it could have been ours, but since we always meddled violently with them, trying to be the British Empire, they hate us. The Chinese have never invaded or overturned their government so they are reaping a fine harvest.

We have to let go of the Middle East. Back when Europe kept beating their brains over holding Jerusalem, after five crusades, they just gave up and the Muslim tide swept back over the place, as expected. This is because the crusaders decided to go on looting expeditions to Egypt which led to defeat and Constantinople, which was an ally.

From Agence France:
Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas called for international pressure to rein in Israel after its acting premier vowed to press on with a campaign of attacks against militant groups.

Following the killing of five Palestinians during an Israeli army operation in the West Bank city of Nablus on Thursday, Israeli troops shot dead two more Palestinians in the Gaza Strip overnight.
Right after 9/11, Americans figured out we were not going to be happy unless we did something about the festering mess in the Holy Land. So Bush trotted off to the UN and said he was going to back the creation of a Palestinian state.

This set the Zionists into an uproar and they began a deadly campaign to build the Neuer Warsaw Ghetto. This bloody campaign was started by them mowing down the Jennin refugee camp, killing anyone who couldn't flee, literally bulldozing their homes on top of the elderly and disabled.

This outrage ticked off much of the Muslim world which couldn't stop this process since so many rulers of Muslims are traitors to their own people and run their countries for their own benefit. So the Muslim populace had to eat dust. Well, now they are making us eat dust and we don't like it but the ruthless campaign to destroy the Muslims living in territories the Zionists want, continues ruthlessly even though this means American interests are being utterly destroyed in all the important oil pumping countries.

From AP:
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Saturday that the world body is hobbled "by bad management, by sex and corruption" and a lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions.

John Bolton also criticized the U.N.'s budget, noting that two-thirds of members pay only 20 percent of the cost.

"We find an organization that is deeply troubled by bad management, by sex and corruption and by a growing lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions that are given to them," Bolton told an audience at a Columbia Law School symposium held by the Federalist Society, a conservative law organization.
It is amazing that the world's poorest nations still pay 20% of the costs of the UN.

On the other hand, we will soon join them, won't we? Right now, we can veto every UN sanction against Israel, a very costly affair, I wonder why the right wingers Bolton is talking to aren't pissed about that? Since we bankroll the nearly useless UN we get away with using it to shove nations around and do pretty much as we please. We have bases in all but a dozen countries outside of Africa which we are ignoring right now except the Chinese are moving swiftly there, oh, oh! We have 400 military bases overseas while closing many of them here at home. All this hideously expensive stuff is so our empire can protect the British Empire like Australia, India, Kenya, South Africa, England, Taiwan, etc. Hanging on to this very expensive empire is bankrupting us, of course, especially since we decided to take over the entire RUSSIAN empire, too! Glub, glub.

The hornet's nest in Iraq which was a former British colony, is killing us. Egypt, another British colony, costs us a lot and we are seeing increasing hate there, they really hate us and the place seethes with insurrection not to mention Iran and Saudi Arabia, our twin rocks like in Odysseus's tales.

Note that the Chinese have not opened a single military base anywhere but they are picking off former British colonies, they having been one, once, themselves!

Meanwhile, we live in pathetic fear. From AP:
Visitors to the complex that eventually will fill the World Trade Center site might have to submit to iris scans or thumb print analysis to get into buildings, while smart cameras try to match their faces to a photo database of known terrorists. Well-paid armed guards would be on patrol and sensors would test the air for lethal gases.

Preliminary details of a plan to make the redeveloped 16-acre site as terrorism-proof as possible were provided to The Associated Press this past week by former FBI agent James Kallstrom, Gov. George Pataki's senior counterterrorism adviser.
OK, we are officially insane. Way back when, in hysteria, we screamed we will rebuild the WTC which was a disaster waiting to happen, my ex husband worked there as well as many of our friends! We hated the building. I was in there a zillion times, it always creeped me out, it was so big and yet felt fragile, even way back in the seventies!

Now they are going to run businesses there that have a huge barrier, bigger than the Pentagon! To entry? Namely, everyone has to be cleared via elaborate, intrusive ID measures? As if bin Laden were going to go personally? Huh? Besides, the building were attacked from the outside, not inside!

Back after 9/11, we suggested, us lefties, that the site be a public park and memorial. Nothing built there, the two footprints of the basements of the buildings, a twin ponds with trees and monuments to the thousands who died there. But NOOOO. They had to do the whole big, fat imperialist thing and build a big honking building there "to show we are not afraid" only we are terrified so we will surround it with guards and barbed wire. No business will locate there. The Port Authority workers who lost so many because they were stuck on the highest floors which is where the offices were stuck, died on 9/11, imagine working there in the future and besides, who will visit to do business?

I know, Atta.

Meanwhile, bat crazy right wing kids attack their school's "Peace" class because it isn't warmongering enough. From the WP:
Saraf and Avishek Panth, also 17, acknowledge that with the exception of one lecture they sat in on this month, most of what they know about the course has come from friends and acquaintances who have taken the class. But, they said, those discussions, coupled with research they have done on McCarthy's background, have convinced them that their school should not continue to offer Peace Studies unless significant changes are made. This is not an ideological debate, they said. Rather, what bothers them the most is that McCarthy offers students only one perspective.

"I do recognize that it is a fairly popular class," Saraf said. "But it's clear that the teacher is only giving one side of the story. He's only offering facts that fit his point of view."

For his part, McCarthy, 67, finds the students' objections a bit puzzling. He said that although the two sat in on a recent class, they have not talked to him in depth about their concerns.

"I've never said my views are right and theirs are wrong," he said about the students who take his course. "In fact, I cherish conservative dissenters. I wish we could get more of them in."
I hope the two lads demanding this course be changed get to go to Iraq next year and find out, first hand, what their war-hell is really like.

From Reuters:
Iraq's defense minister warned on Saturday of a "civil war" that "will never end" and said he was ready to put tanks on the streets as sectarian violence flared despite a second day of curfew in Baghdad.

Extending a traffic ban in the capital to Monday after battles around Sunni mosques and a car bomb in a holy Shi'ite city, leaders scrambled to break a round of reprisals sparked by a suspected al Qaeda bombing of a Shi'ite shrine on Wednesday.

The gravest crisis since the U.S. invasion in 2003 threatens Washington's hopes of withdrawing its 136,000 troops from Iraq.

"If there is a civil war in this country it will never end," Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, a minority Sunni Muslim in the Shi'ite-led interim government, told a news conference.
Oh, it will end...when America goes bankrupt which is a 100% certainty at this point since we are hemorraging over $2 billion a week thanks to Iraq!

Meanwhile, the prison riot in Afghanistan continues unabated. From the BBC:
Inmates have taken control of a wing of Afghanistan's main high-security jail, Pul-e-Charkhi in Kabul, officials say.
Sources have told the BBC four inmates have been killed, although top Afghan officials have denied any deaths.

The violence apparently began as an escape attempt in a section holding Taleban and al-Qaeda militants as well as ordinary criminals.
Make no mistake, these prison breakouts will grow vastly because these prisons are our empire's nastiest face and the ones in Muslim lands are the worst, all Gitmos all the time. I fully expect Saddam to be sprung pretty soon now that the country is entirely in flames.

The Cole attackers escaped from their prison and it wasn't hard, either, for them. The Quisiling ruler of Afghanistan is terrified of his prisoners and he knows they will literally play football with his head when they get finished with the Americans after the American empire collapses just like the Soviet Empire and due to the same reasons, no less. I am betting on Pakistan's ruler flying out on one of his fancy, new American fighter jets sometime in the near future because there is only so long one can hold onto a subject population.

The British thought they had the perfect empire, hardly needed any troops to hold down until WWI and then WWII disabused them of this notion. One reason the Japanese were so easily triumphant in many places was due to the fact the natives greeted them with rejoicing only to find they were as nasty or worse than the Brits so the natives turned to communists for help.

Ah, remember those days! Communism went bankrupt. Just like we are going.
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The UAE Sheiks Gave Bush Sr. $1 Million Gift In 1995

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It never ends, does it? Even as the pundits across America got the message and are now in full bellow screaming at us that the UAE Sheiks are our very best friends and we are racists for doubting this and it is a small matter, selling off our ports to the highest nonAmerican bidders, we find out these same critters secretly gave Bush a million dollars, no names attached which means Bush Sr. actively conspired with them to hide their nasty bribes.

From Associated Press:
The United Arab Emirates has long-standing ties to the Bush family. Records show the UAE and one of its sheikhs contributed at least $1 million before 1995 to the Bush Library Foundation, which established the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas. The executive chairman of Dubai Ports World, Ahmed bin Sulayem, is not listed among donors.
They have long standing ties with the Bushes? Well, ditto in spades with the bin Ladens! So, the UAE royals hung out with bin Laden in Afghanistan to go bustard hunting (without Cheney, they aren't suicidal!) and then the USA is attacked by bin Laden and all these people are very friendly with the Bush family and exchange huge sums of money with them and make cozy super secret business deals, no wonder Bush W sat there and smiled as he read "My Pet Goat"!

Someday we might even know how much the UAE paid him to sit there.
The U.S. government the money it received from the United Arab Emirates was nearly four times as much as it received from all other countries combined. Other nations, including some in the Middle East, also pledged large contributions but have not yet sent the money.

The money from the UAE was previously described by the State Department only as a "very large" contribution. The White House said so far it has received $126 million in international donations, including the UAE money.

Robert Kimmitt, deputy secretary at the Treasury Department, told senators Thursday that Dubai Ports World first approached U.S. officials Oct. 17 to discuss a proposed purchase of London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., which runs significant operations at six large U.S. ports.

Kimmitt said the company informally approached Treasury officials to discuss preliminary stages of the purchase. A formal review of the proposed sale started on Dec. 16, Kimmitt told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The United Arab Emirates sent its $100 million Katrina donation on Sept. 21 using an electronic transfer to an account at the State Department, the White House said. Two-thirds of the money was given to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help coordinate aid to 100,000 families. The rest was sent to the Education Department to help rebuild storm-damaged schools and universities near New Orleans.
OK, since when has the State Department been in charge of financing? Aside from the total stupidity of us begging for alms after storms, serioiusly, we are supposed to be the "richest country on earth" and we absorb 80% of all world financing, don't we? And we needed alms? How do we know this money was distributed properly? After all, it was all super secret!

And of course, the sly foreign royals (what WAS that revolution about, anyway, George Washington?) said nothing and the sly Bushes said nothing but then they suddenly had a fine tit for tat and lo, the super secret, silent deal was made to hand over our ports!

So we lose New Orleans and in return for alms, give away the Port of New York? Huh? The Presidential libraries are all just so much corruption, I remember the right wingers screaming about funds flowing into the Clinton Library and now these same clowns are silent about the latest revelations about the Bush corruption. When Jr had to get bailed out of one of his losing oil drilling ventures, he was rescued by a foreign entity which, to this day, remains unnamed but you can bet this individual has been on close speaking terms with bin Laden!

So, when Bush was told, "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In the USA" he probably checked the bank account and then laughed when someone suggested he short the United Airlines and American Airlines stock, too. I don't know but at this point, it wouldn't surprise me, after all, 9/11 was, for Bush, "winning the Trifecta".

Ie, it made him a lot richer.

MORE NEWS: According to Salon.com:
Consider the Carlyle Group, the huge, politically wired private equity firm that has employed both the president and his father -- and from which the members of the Bush family and their closest associates, such as former Secretary of State James Baker III, have profited handsomely in recent years. With its sole Middle East office headquartered in Dubai, Carlyle has managed to attract substantial funding from the UAE government, which controls most of the tiny nation's oil wealth and channels that money into foreign investments.

Last year, to cite only the most recent example, Carlyle's newest buyout fund won an infusion of at least $100 million from the Dubai Investment Corp. -- another state-owned outfit created by the ruling families to reinvest the enormous inflows of capital from rising oil prices and oil consumption. If that individual deal with Carlyle represented only a small fraction of the Emirates' investments, the upside potential of the relationship could be far greater in the future. The directors of Dubai Investment expect to invest as much as $5 billion every year for a long time to come.
Did they throw around $200 million last fall? Or is this the same $100 million? It wouldn't surprise me if this sum which is odd since it is the same amount and in the same timeframe, was juggled in and out of the vast sums Congress voted for hurricane aid.

Right now, the right wing is in full swing screaming we are racists for wondering about graft and terrorism. Traitors, one and all.
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Condi Rice's Winter Wonderland Tour of Middle East Ends At UAE Where She Kisses Up To Our Real Masters

(By Kamran Jebreili -- Associated Press)
By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is an interesting article about Condi's recent insane trip which ended with her kow towing to the UAE and begging for more bones from the same people behind 9/11, all I can say is, we are doomed if Americans think this is all OK. Also, her failure to get these same people to attack the Palestinians is funny considering she had her hand out for bribes and goodies at the same time! Poor Israel. They depended on her to be "tough" with the Muslims. All bark and no bite.

From the Washington Post:
When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a high-profile tour of Egypt and Saudi Arabia last June, she confronted those governments about opening up their political systems. Revisiting both countries this week, however, her call for greater democracy appeared more muted, as some of the aftershocks of the democracy push have given autocratic governments more leverage in their dealings with the United States.

The Bush administration had advocated legislative elections in the Palestinian territories as a way to reinvigorate Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, but the move resulted in a sweeping victory last month by the radical Islamic group Hamas. Now, in order to restore hopes for reviving stalled peace talks, the United States needs the help of Egyptian and Saudi leaders to press Hamas to moderate its unyielding demand for Israel's destruction.
Isn't it an odd coincidence, *NOT* that al Qaeda (al Quida) attacks Saudi Arabia's biggest oil refinery the same time frame Condi is in the UAE?
Other foreign policy goals on Rice's agenda this week -- such as seeking agreement to confront Iran over its nuclear program and enlisting Arab support for the new Iraqi government as bloody sectarian violence erupted -- also appeared to overshadow the administration's democracy campaign.
Again and again, we can't go around the world making "deals" and doing "diplomacy" when we are really beggars at the doors of the wealthy. Tin cup in hand, Condi trolls about the joint, "Spare a dime, kind sir?" she wails. Of course, when in Israel, they have her turn out her pockets and dump much of it into their hands. They need the money but can't beg their neighbors for it and you can be certain, they don't beg here, either, they demand money and get it since they use a percentage of what they gain to bribe the givers, our "elected leaders" who love this circular gravy train.

Egypt doesn't have to do this, they have another tool: let Egypt fall apart and a 100 million Attas will go bezerk. Already, we have 20 million Atta clones going bezerk in Iraq. We want our real rulers in the Middle East to save us from them only they can't because their own countries seethe with Atta clones literally dying to take them down, too!
In Cairo, Rice met with Egypt's intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, for nearly two hours, seeking his insights on Hamas. The session with Suleiman was longer than a lively meeting Rice held with democracy activists. They urged the United States to put more pressure on Egypt before President Hosni Mubarak succeeds in crippling moderate, secular groups.
You know, on 9/11, the head of Pakistan's secret service was in DC, meeting with top officials, they were going to have lunch together.

Argh. This is beyond annoying. If Condi wants to understand Hamas, she can call me any time. I will be happy to explain to her what is going on in Palestine and I know virtually nothing but what I do know is 1000 times more than what that stupid woman knows. I will even happily explain to her how terrorism works, not that she wants to understand what "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the USA" means. Why isn't this traitor in prison? Huh?

Secularists in Egypt are being attacked by Mubarrak and by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood is happy to have martyrs and they are rejoicing in the crushing of liberals all over the Middle East, all of this triggered by America's need to cosset dictators who oppress their people so we can loot the oil and steal land from Palestinian peasants.

Since all rulers hate all peasants, this means we are unified with them in our disgusting actions.
In Saudi Arabia, a female journalist, dressed head to toe in a black abaya , demanded: "How is it possible to harmonize the U.S. position as a nation supporting freedom of expression and the right of people to practice democracy with your effort to curb the will of Hamas?"

Egyptian Television's Mervat Mohsen also rattled off a series of tough questions. "American calls for democracy have unwittingly brought unprecedented support for the Muslim Brotherhood, but you're not happy with the Muslim Brotherhood in power," he said. "Is this some kind of designer's democracy then, Dr. Rice?"
They can see the insanity. They know the push for "democracy" is totally fake. They are in agony, trying to stop this madness but they don't control their own rulers and they don't control us. And we don't control our rulers, note how little Bush cares about our feelings. He knows our elections are fake, he and his buddies know the electronic voting machines are permanently set to redo the votes eternally in their favor, all they have to do is win by 1 vote! And trust me, all our future elections will end this way. One person=one vote for the GOP.

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Jeb Bush, Host To Atta And Co, Wants Us To Trust The Bushes When It Comes To Terrorists

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After letting or enabling an entire nest of terrorists to train for and arrange a massive attack on NYC and DC, Jeb Bush thinks we should trust him and his brother to protect us from terrorists and to let the UAE run our major ports.

From Associated Press:
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey argued in court papers that Dubai Ports World was violating its lease by not getting consent for its pending acquisition of the current port operator, London-based Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, who is also suing over the sale, urged other governors to join the case.

Governors of Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania have expressed concerns about the takeover; Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has said he trusts his brother the president on such security issues.
Good farking grief. We always come back to where the 9/11 conspiracy was hatched: in Florida, right outside the major Bush/CIA island compound in Florida. Aside from the fact that this conspiracy was run in Jeb's state, it was run in the one place in America that has more CIA agent's second or retirement homes in America. The place crawls with CIA and other spook agents! The same day Atta and Company were making their final plans, the town they were in, Sarasota, Florida, was crawling with Secret Service agents and the Bush clan.

Why was Bush in a school in that city when Atta attacked America? Hmmm?????

Now Jeb tells us to trust these two creeps, J and W, to protect us even as they pry open America's front door to the same entities that attacked us. Already, they and their malicious buddies are hard at work, cranking the propaganda machine to convince us we should sell ourselves to our tormentors. Astonishingly, the GOP has decided to call us "racist" for yelling about this matter.

So, they were racist when they pulled the Chinese oil deal over Unocal?

Revealing that only the UAE gave us $100 million "for Katrina" which was really a bribe for Bush, this again, astonished me. Are we so stupid as to accecpt bribes from our attackers? Then I remember the Bushes took money from Hitler AFTER Hitler declared war on America! This family seriously has no shame.
Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan said: "We believe once Congress has a better understanding of the facts and the safeguards that are in place that they will be more comfortable with the transaction moving forward. So, a slight delay would be helpful in that regard."
It is a "done deal" as far as the Bushes are concerned. They don't care if 74% of Americans polled on this matter are furious about it. They figure their bellowing pundits on TV will drive us all into accepting this deal and if we don't accept it, they will jam it down our throats anyway since this benefits Bush and his traitorous cronies, financially.

Will red state America finally figure out Bush and his gang hate them? Don't give a fig about them? Lie to them? Looks like that is happening more and more. Of course, on this journey to imperial hell, we have few allies in government in either party and nearly none in the media. For America has sold its soul to traitors so we could spend like fiends and run up a gigantic, historic tab with foreign powers. This insanity is called "free trade" and the deal was, we get everything "for free" in exchange for a mountain of IOUs.

This port deal is part of the exchange. One that leaves our belly exposed. Dominant dogs force lesser ones to roll over and expose the belly to their teeth. Then the dominant dog gets to decide if they want to rip out the belly or no. This is a bad position for America. Imagine if GERMANY ran our major ports in 1941.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Rumsfeld's Sole Target On 9/11 Was Saddam

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

When the first and second hijacked jets which the Pentagon knew were hijacked half an hour earlier, plowed into the WTC buildings, as people died, as secretaries plunged to their deaths, as all of America was screaming, Rumsfeld was unimpressed and paid not a whit of attention and only after the third jet hit near his office did he waken from his criminal, self imposed stupor. Then a mere three hours later, he was excitedly deliberately plotting to attack a totally innocent country!

From Outraged Moderates:
On July 23, 2005, I submitted an electronic Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Defense seeking DoD staffer Stephen Cambone's notes from meetings with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the afternoon of September 11, 2001. Cambone's notes were cited heavily in the 9/11 Commission Report's reconstruction of the day's events. On February 10, 2006, I received a response from the DoD which includes partially-redacted copies of Cambone's notes. The documents can be viewed as a photo set on Flickr.

The released notes document Donald Rumsfeld's 2:40 PM instructions to General Myers to find the "[b]est info fast . . . judge whether good enough [to] hit S.H. [Saddam Hussein] at same time - not only UBL [Usama Bin Laden]" (as discussed on p. 334-335 of the 9/11 Commission Report and in Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack).
This confirms what we all suspected. We all, us lefties who never bought the "Bush and his drunken chickenhawk gang will protect America" garbage the rest of the nation ate, knew from day 2 that Rummy wanted to knock Saddam down but even we didn't think he would be so openly craven and evil as to plot doing this only a few hours after the attacks which means he planned to do this when an attack succeeded which explains his lassitude earlier in the day when the first two jets were reported hijacked and he did absolutely nothing at all and even after the dimmest witted fool in America knew we were under attack when the second jet hit the WTC complex, he is the only person aside from Bush to pay absolutely no attention at all. So arrest Rumsfeld and feed him to the Hague or better, waterboard him at Gitmo.

Here are the document proving he wanted only to find an excuse to hit Saddam. Also, it is curious that he knew at 2pm that bin Laden was involved since at that point, there was no proof.

From Salon:
On March 25, 2003, President Bush signed Executive Order 13292, a hitherto little known document that grants the greatest expansion of the power of the vice president in American history. The order gives the vice president the same ability to classify intelligence as the president. By controlling classification, the vice president can in effect control intelligence and, through that, foreign policy.

Bush operates on the radical notion of the "unitary executive," that the president has inherent and limitless powers in his role as commander in chief, above the system of checks and balances. By his extraordinary order, he elevated Cheney to his level, an acknowledgment that the vice president was already the de facto executive in national security. Never before has any president diminished and divided his power in this manner. Now the unitary executive inherently includes the unitary vice president.
The President can't sign away Constitutional powers. The fact that our Supreme Court is hardly better than the courts in Nazi Germany means no one can raise these issues and cetainly the corrupt, craven and illegally seated (due to voter fraud like the five Congressmen who got 18181 vote totals!) politicians have done nothing to protect the tripartate division of power.

All this is directly connected to the increasingly criminal operations going on, the illegal spying, the illegal harrassment of official whistleblowers, the outing of CIA covert agents for personal political gain, signing secret contracts and codices like the sale of our ports to a hostile country, the United Arab Emerites, contracts Congress has no say in according to the new Nazi Heimat laws, all these things stink.

Hearing now that the UAE "gave" us $100 million for the Katrina mess enrages me. Not a penny of this was needed, this is a rank bribe. The fact that no nation gave even a tenth of that amount proves it was a bribe to our government which is running in the red due to illegal tax cuts foisted on us by an illegally installed ruler!

All that money simply displaced a few drops of red ink. No one directly benefitted from it except Bush. The fact they closed some very lucrative deals after the palm-off, selling out working ports for one defunct city, New Orleans. Talk about treason.

Right now, Congress is "delaying" the sale of our precious assets to give Bush time to "sell" us the idea that losing control of our nation is good for America because the new rulers will occassionally hand out alms! Great. Some empire.

Some country. Die for America! Your local Sheik wants you.

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Battles Rage In Afghanistan--Taliban Resurgence

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Using the same methods the Iranians used to topple the Shah, the Taliban have regrouped and are now using CDs to spread information and rouse their troops who fight in classic mountain/desert tribal warfare which is to hit and run over and over again, melting away into nothingness only to strike again.

From the BBC:
Government officials in Kabul say well-armed fighters cross regularly from next-door Pakistan, but admit they can do little to stop them.

In remote areas, more than $5,000 (£2,865) in bounty money has been offered to local men to kill senior government workers, one administrator said.

"It is big money. It is al-Qaeda money and it is from the Gulf," he said, referring to Arab supporters of al-Qaeda.
Well, what do we expect? Condi Rice has been twisting Muslim arms hard trying to get them to OK the imprisonment and torture of the Palestinians who just had a real election that was fairer than our elections which has no sane voting mechanism, mostly hijacked electronic machines that fake the tallies on behalf of the dictator's party, the GOP.

The "Top Hits Of the Al Qaeda Trio (the band with infinite number threes!)" is rather popular in Muslim countries. Produced by mountain tribes under American rockets and bombs, they mock America and sing religious songs, it is Muslim Rap.
The films are used to terrorise opponents and recruit new fighters, or sent abroad to help raise money.

Their commentaries are often in Arabic, over a soundtrack of religious singing.

Their producers appear keen to make an explicit link between the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
You don't say! What a surprise! Can't say we on the peacenik front didn't warn everyone. "Hearts and minds" aren't won by "shock and awe." Studies of the bombings in Europe and Asia during WWII showed defiance and anger resulted from bombing civilians. So why did we think it would be different this time around? It didn't work in Nam!

Condi's Shock and Barf trip has sown the wind and is reaping a whirlwind. From Haaretz:
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday criticized Israel's use of economic sanctions against Palestinians for voting Hamas into power and defended Ankara's decision to hold talks with the militant group.

The decision to host a five-man Hamas delegation last week infuriated Israel, which has close trade and security ties with Muslim but secular Turkey.
So of course, Condi had to slap the Turks which worked wonders, didn't it? Then there is this: From Al
Saudi Arabia has deepened a US-Arab split over Palestinian aid, joining Egypt in rejecting Washington's appeal to deny assistance to the new Hamas-led government.

Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest donors to the Palestinians, warned against the US position of stopping aid before seeing what policies the anti-Israel group adopts in government.
Today, al Qaeda did another, very dangerous strike on Saudi Arabia, one that would literally shake the world, namely, blowing up the world's most important oil refinery/oil field. The Saudi rulers know they are skating on thin ice and just fell doing the triple Axis and now have to regroup and prove them selves to be the leaders of Isalm and not the dogs of the Americans.

It is only a matter of time before al Qaeda takes over Saudi Arabia, seriously, there is no other ending to this tale of woe and begone.

Our attempts at spreading "liberalism" which our government hates with a vicious passion here at home, using guns to blungeon freedom and democracy into a people who desperately want both so they can kick their Quisling overlords to the curb is all part of our insane attempt at covering up our own crimes, namely, our need to steal all world resources and pay for them with money that isn't really worth much of anything since we are running in the red on all possible levels. To keep this scam going, we need to force people to buy oil using our dollars.

And Iran is kicking us in the shins on this matter which is why Israel and the USA and Britain are co-conspiring to attack Iran no matter what even though Iraq is blowing up in our faces, the entire country locked down as we desperately figure out how to stop the wild jihads there and does anyone notice the Saddam trial has stopped?

I wonder if Bush and Cheney are out quail hunting with him, asking for forgiveness, demanding he take over again.

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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

More news coming in: military in Philippines tried to topple government while President was off at site of mudslide. It seems it was foiled but news is still chaos over there. Much fear in the streets.

From the BBC:
A state of emergency is in force across the Philippines after the army said it had foiled a coup to topple President Gloria Arroyo.
On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the uprising which ousted President Marcos, the BBC News website spoke to people in Manila to get their reaction to the day's events.
The news is pouring in today, can't keep up. As I expected, the fake American excuse for waging an illegal war is reverberating across the planet. We aren't fighting for democracy or freedom, we just want oil and because we have to fake it, this means we lose our freedoms at home, everyone is losing their freedom abroad, fascism and militarism is on the march, the God of War is coming, March is his month, his magic moment because it is spring and this is when wars rage for victory must be won by September! This is why the Romans gave the month of springtime to the bloody embrace of the god of war.

In most countries, the military exists to supress peasant rebellions and to prop up despots. America's own democracy is dying on the vine because we have handed over everything to the secruity/police/military state to "protect" us and they will, with a vengence, alas.

For they can exist only in slave states. Enslaving the populace to feed them and to join them in bloody adventures. Lures of spoils and power overwhelm military minds, the lust for blood inevitably leads to lust for sex and money, this is what has propelled human history for millenia, since the first stone was affixed to the first branch, we killed each other and we killed off any close relations which is why there are virtually none of those left, only the gorillas and chimps hidden on high mountains or deep jungles escaped our bloody campaigns.

Thanks to everyone embracing fascism, we are now heading into a massive world war. The only freedom that will exist in this coming crisis will be the freedom to slay.

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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From the BBC News: an attempt to blow up the world's biggest oil refinery seems to have been foiled, maybe, news still developing. Shots and explosions heard.

From the BBC:
An explosion and shots have been heard at a major oil refinery at Buqaiq in eastern Saudi Arabia, reports say.
The Saudi authorities have said they foiled an attempt to bomb the refinery with two vehicles packed with explosives, al-Arabiya TV reported.

The militant group al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula has long called for attacks on Saudi oil installations.

Around two-thirds of the Gulf kingdom's oil is processed at the huge facility at Buqaiq before being exported.
World oil pices will shoot up today if not blow up. Stock markets which are entirely dependent on the price of oil will fall drastically.

All around, very bad news. Condi Rice's witch missions are bearing bitter fruits, aren't they? And our wars in the region are simply lighting more and more fires, the al Qaeda people are getting much better at using explosives and battle tactics, we are teaching them ourselves, in Iraq!

Talk about insane.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shizuka Arakawa of Japan Wins Ladies' Gold Because She Had Perfect Balance In Hips

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have not seen the performance yet but can explain how and why Shizuka of Japan won the gold. Studying the pictures taken of her performance showed her astonishing balance and near perfect form. Truly, she will be a great skater like Midori Ito, her idol.

From Associated Press:
She was elegance on ice, her spirals superb, her skating sublime. That she was standing in the end didn't hurt, either.

Shizuka Arakawa made this one look easy. Her brilliant performance Thursday night gave Japan its first medal of these Olympics — a gold in the showcase event. What a way to end a shutout!

"I'm just surprised right now," Arakawa said. "I can't find the words for it."

Try mesmerizing, even spellbinding.
Transcendent. When moments like this happen, one's heart swells with inner joy and even when sitting, can join in the spirit that wells outwards from the performer to susume the watcher and make that magical connection.

Shizuka did this. As with all great performances, she was relaxed enough to be able to disassociate her thinking mind from her emotions and find that point of balance when one is both performer and watcher. When this happens, the natural elegance of the living form, the desire of the body to be in harmony with nature, takes over and one merely shifts from one point of balance to another. The minute the thinking mind enters, furiously calculating, the magic is gone and a tense clumsiness interfers because the mind is always behind instinct. It just takes way too much time to calculate what to do.

This is the sole reason to practice. To teach the body what the mind wishes but then, when on stage, the mind has to let go and trust the dream mind, that deep, inner self, to run things and all the mind has to do is to remember....FEELINGS.

Yes, emotions.

When I used to hang out with skaters, we used to talk about this. As a performer of other forms of dance, I used to warn people to not over rehearse. There are ways to deal with this. One is to NOT do all the hard moves but simply follow the curves of the choreography in an easy, gentle way, savoring the flow of the music, humming it, feeling the arms, moving the arms from one position to the next, savoring the fingers and how the wind glides over and under the palms. Close the eyes and feel the distance on the ice, when turning, imagine it is eternity and the clocks stop and the stars cease to wheel overhead, this sense of all the time in the world drops the feeling of adrenaline which tenses the muscles.

Desperately trying to jump or do difficult things over and over again destroys the needed serenity for performing a balanced dance yet over and over, American (and many Russian!) skaters make this deadly mistake and each Olypmics, they wonder why they do their very worst performances there.

Skating's important point is the hips. Where the hips are in relation to the knees, the ankle and the head, I really got pleasure drawing Shizuka's pictures from the photographs. Astonishing. Text book example of perfection.

In spins, it is the essence. Look at this spin! Every axis, 90 degrees from each other! Look at her arms, they are in perfect position yet relaxed. Just like the top picture here, her fingers are relaxed even as she flew through the air, her legs extended but not rigid. I am shaking my head with amazement.


Sluskaya, I have always disliked. She means well, she is very strong, she manages to pull off many moves but her akwardness, her lack of lyricism is fatal in figure skating. She never surrendered herself to the flow, the magic of ice. It seemed as if she was always pulling back, unable to stretch out to the stars, her shape ended up always weak in the wrong way, bent, crabbed.

Sasha Cohen is the victim of the American system. She was kept separate and alone as she fought the Angel of Death. Rather than trusting her own esquisitely trained body to do the right thing, she obsessed over all the hard parts of her performance. They loomed larger and larger until, like mighty mountains, they blocked her passage. Instead of flying over them, she trudged up and down her private Everests and ended up worn and defeated by the effort.

Skating is like becoming a bird, one has to surrender to the elements. We had a terrible winter storm last week. The wind was screaming. Our tiny chickadees were flying in it. They darted and hovered, they twisted from one side to the other and flicked around the trees, moving at a tremendous speed and it didn't bother them any. Indeed, I suspect they enjoyed the wildness of the wind, the feeling of pressure, the curved space elevating and then suddenly dropping them, they bobbed in the air as they flew to me.

And my horse went wild, galloping up the snowy mountain, head held high, white mane streaming in the screaming wind, ears flicking back and forth, this sense unity with nature is what great performances, a vital life, is all about.
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Bush Says "People Don't Need To Worry About Security"

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Arrest Bush. Impeach Bush. He is insane. The last election, bin Laden told us to vote for Bush because this will help him win his war against us. He was right, as usual. Bush claimed the election was about protecting America. Arrest Bush!

From AP:
President Bush sought Thursday to calm an uproar over a state-owned company in the United Arab Emirates taking over significant operations at six major U.S. ports, saying "people don't need to worry about security."

Under secret conditions of the agreement with the administration, the company promised to cooperate with U.S. investigations as a condition of the $6.8 billion deal, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.
Remember when Bush said he didn't care if we caught bin Laden? It didn't matter? Bin Laden was dead?

When bin Laden showed us he is alive and laughing at us, did we impeach Bush?

No, he was "re-elected". The media screamed at us that bin Laden's endorsement of Bush meant we should fight him by cooperating with him. Arrest the media pundits!

Whey do all these people hate America?

Bush seemed perfectly calm on 9/11. He was calm until the American people began to scream at him then he had his handlers fend off the press while he sat there, between his aids, shiverring like a little boy.

Then, after the media bucked him up by preening his nakedness, he went to the WTC ruins and promised to get bin Laden. Then he didn't. We just saw the unconsititutional Patriot Act passed yet again, all in the name of security. Student loans are being destroyed so we can spend money on Homeland Security because we are all supposed to be very aware of "security". This is totally insane. They are totally insane or psychopaths or both.

Instead of arresting Bush, we re-elected him and now he is foisting on us all sorts of horrible things and even taunting us, sneering that we have no need to worry our pretty little heads about security. Well, do we wait until we got shot in the face again? Note how they worked hard to make it look as if shooting friends in the face is normal? How Cheney lied and claimed he didn't shoot a friend, he shot a mere aquantaince?

As our government collapses, the real security hole is the gigantic, monstrous trade/budget deficits Bush foisted on us. This is disgusting. We have no foreign policy at this point, we simply do the bidding of others. I have noted over and over the weakness of our diplomatic corpse as they get trundled here and yon, working for ailens, utterly disregarding our own country and our corporate entities are not American, either and they don't love our country, love us, we are sheep they want to fleece in the dead of winter.

Ever cut a sheep's wool when it is below zero? They die.

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Condi Pays Suprise Visit On Lebanon In Order To Snub President There

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Continuing her boffo "Love Israel or Die" tour of world capitals, Condi suddenly flew into Lebanon. She did this in order to insult the President there. Seems to me that few people in power in America are working on our collective behalf.

From the Washington Post:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made an unannounced visit to Lebanon Thursday, seeking to bolster the Lebanese government as it struggles to emerge from decades of Syrian influence.

"Everyone is concerned about the situation in Lebanon and about potential instability there." Rice said.

She met with Lebanon's prime minister, Fouad Siniora. But in a diplomatic snub, Rice scheduled no meeting with the Lebanese president, Emile Lahoud, a Christian Maronite and Syrian ally whose term-in-office was extended by three years under pressure from Damascus.
So, "everyone is concerned"? Seems to me this everyone is exactly one group of people who happen to be Israeli firsters.

They crawl all over our government and have thoroughly hijacked it. On many levels, this latest diplomatic tour-de-farce is wrong. Why the secrecy? Why did she suddenly fly in? Imagine someone from a hostile or at least not exactly friendly country suddenly visiting America and snubbing Bush but meeting with his opposition? Wouldn't we be hearing cries of "traitor"? Eh?

How is her visit "bolstering the government" when she wasn't invited in by the current government? And we wonder why flames spread far and wide in this woman's wake! The Egyptians were very miffed by her most recent visit and the Norwegians were so ticked off, they leaked her "secret" snarling about Israel. Her inept diplomacy caused Putin and the Chinese to seethe so much, they formed a powerful alliance as soon as she departed and so far, have not invited her back into their countries nor do they consult with her in a friendly way.

This deluded woman comes home to extravagant praise from the army of Israeli firsters who infest so much of our government so she thinks all these disasterous trips are triumphs. Even as the flames rise higher and higher, we imagine the Muslims, in seeming disarray, aren't dangerous.

High explosives are very dangerous. As we throw one match after another on one powder keg after another, one can only grind the teeth.

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Dole Lobbys For UAE Sale, Bush Out To Lunch, Secret Deals Exposed

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The sale of several important port activities to the UAE is unfolding in a classic way. Bush gets caught, he gets mad and digs in his heels, it heats up, he then lies and says he is out of the loop and knows no one and nothing and then all the big wigs jump into the burning pool to put out the fire.

From Raw Story:
CNN reported on air Wednesday that former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-KS) has been hired by Dubai Ports World to lobby for the approval of a deal that would give the company control of several major U.S. ports, RAW STORY has learned.

CNN's Andrea Koppel reports: "The Dubai-based company at the center of a controversy over the management of six U.S. seaports has hired former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole to lobby on its behalf against bipartisan criticism of the deal, a Dole aide said Wednesday.

"The 1996 Republican presidential candidate was "engaged" by Dubai Ports World shortly after lawmakers on both sides of the aisle began expressing their strong opposition to the deal, said Mike Galloway, an aide to the retired senator.
As I keep saying, the guys running America are traitors. Pure and simple. What is a traitor?

Someone who peddles their services to foreign powers and works for them rather than for America. Ronnie Reagan is a classic case of this, his high treason was to have a secret, handshake deal with the Japanese to throw in the towel concerning trade negotiations. He then collected the loot two weeks after leaving office. Since then, our trade deficit with Japan has been through the roof.

The elder Bush had deals with all and sundry, seeing Reagan get away with this. I remember the scandal over Jimmy Carter's drunk younger brother selling himseld to the Libyians, for example. Now, the entire Bush clan is owned by foreign powers in Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Korea, you name it, they whore themselves for it.

From NJ. com:
New Jersey will file suit in federal and state courts seeking to stop an Arab company from taking over operations at Port Newark, Gov. Jon Corzine said yesterday.

The announcement came as a whirlwind of political backlash from Republicans and Democrats continued to batter the Bush administration's approval of the port deal. At issue is the acquisition of a British company that has been running six U.S. ports, including Port Newark, by Dubai Ports World, a state-owned business in the United Arab Emirates.
Desperately, many people are trying to block this. Turns out, Bush's buddies who were placed in positions of authority by Bush, tried to rush through this deal, not using the normal mechanisms of holding hearings and having investigations. They don't want any of their traitorous activities investigated!

This is why. From Associated Press:
The Bush administration secretly required a company in the United Arab Emirates to cooperate with future U.S. investigations before approving its takeover of operations at six American ports, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. It chose not to impose other, routine restrictions.

As part of the $6.8 billion purchase, state-owned Dubai Ports World agreed to reveal records on demand about "foreign operational direction" of its business at U.S. ports, the documents said. Those records broadly include details about the design, maintenance or operation of ports and equipment.

The administration did not require Dubai Ports to keep copies of business records on U.S. soil, where they would be subject to court orders. It also did not require the company to designate an American citizen to accommodate U.S. government requests. Outside legal experts said such obligations are routinely attached to U.S. approvals of foreign sales in other industries.
Oh, how far we have fallen. Imagine is a vast war unfolds and we need to control our shores. So, hand over everything to people on the other side of the planet deep within unstable territory.

One sad thing about the Bushes and their minions is, they think their co-conspiritors in distant lands will rule with an iron fist forever over restless, furious populations. This is why we do all the crummy things we do. We expect the rulers of many lands to betray their own countries and work for our benefit, not theirs.

But this is much worse. As usual, when traitors are destroying America, they like to hide everything. The Bushes are big on hiding stuff, so is Cheney. They have their arrest records erased, their military records purged, their government records classified or shredded. Even with all these efforts, details of their various crimes leak out like with the Downing Street Memos.
The Republican head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John Warner of Virginia, planned an oversight hearing Thursday. Warner has expressed support for the agreement, describing the UAE as an important ally against terrorism.
Here is why we are doomed.

Warner, like all the other traitors, gets money from all sorts of people not all of whom are American or love this country. He gets money from folk who accept money from foreign powers and then funnel it to him. So he sees nothing wrong with betraying America. He didn't yell about 9/11 and why Rumsfeld sat around while America was under attack. Rumsfeld didn't even pause in meeting when the jets hit the WTC much less when they were reported hijacked nearly an hour earlier!

Even after that, he did absolutley nothing, he was goofing around at his desk when a jet hit the Pentagon. Why he wasn't immediately arrested baffles me. I was running around, yelling "America is under attack" when the first jet hit. By the time the Pentagon was hit, I was sitting there, saying, "We have been betrayed by our own rulers."

How on earth can we say the UAE is a partner in the "war on terror"? True, they want us in Iraq so we can put down Saddam who menaced them. They want us to kill Shi'a in Iran, too. But why did we go to war for them? They are costing us over a trillion dollars and they want us to spend another trillion fighting Iran? Huh? This is partnership?

Like hell.
Dubai Port's top American executive, chief operating officer Edward H. Bilkey, said he will work in Washington to persuade skeptical lawmakers they should endorse the deal; several Senate oversight hearings already are scheduled.

"We're disappointed," Bilkey told the AP in an interview. "We're going to do our best to persuade them that they jumped the gun. The UAE is a very solid friend, as President Bush has said."
We didn't bomb bin Laden back before 9/11 because the UAE royals liked to visit him. I am thoroughly disgusted and outraged. The traitors working for the UAE assure us that we should trust them. They will have Quisling Americans working for the royal family and they will serve who?

The royal family, not us!

I recall a revolution. One thing we did was expell the pro-royalists because we didn't want people who had divided loyalties running America. For many generations, anyone who wanted to be President had to first show they were not royal worshipping tools of any king or queen or sheik, for that matter.

Disgusting, isn't it, watching Bush literally kissing the mouth of kings. When Nancy Reagan kow towed to the Queen of England some of us were still able to feel outraged. Now, it is de rigeur. Gads. Arrest them all.

MORE NEWS:From Think Progress:
In a press briefing today, Secretary Rumsfeld revealed that he was not consulted about the decision to transfer operations of six key U.S. ports to the United Arab Emirates, a country with troubling ties to international terrorism.

QUESTION: Are you confident that any problems with security — from what you know, are you confident that any problems with security would not be greater with a UAE company running this than an American company?

RUMSFELD: I am reluctant to make judgments based on the minimal amount of information I have because I just heard about this over the weekend.
Another know nothing Repubublican tool. Turns out, Rumsfeld is on this committee that oversees these sorts of deals, Homeland Security and all that.
Donald Rumsfeld, as Secretary of Defense, is a member of Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States. As such, he was one of the people who, according to the Treasury Department, unanimously approved the sale on February 13. How could do that when he didn’t even find out about the sale until last weekend?
He is the same rubber stamp that didn't try to stop terrorists on 9/11. Like Bush, he constantly pleads stupidity and lack of knowledge. Like Condi, he can't imagine things that he was perfectly capable of imagining.

For example, the Pentagon did have war games with a jet hitting the Pentagon as the key event, less than a year before 9/11. He lied about the Pentagon's plans back then, again, claiming stupidity as his reason. Why are such dumb people running this country?

They belong in an asylum or prison.

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